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Magnificent Seven: Bootlegger is back!

The working man’s kettle has been dusted off and there are several barrels of pilsner waiting to be sunk - after a long month off the drink Bootlegger is back, baybee!

1. Nantes honour Sala with 8-0 win

What a better way to honour your much loved team-mate than to record your biggest ever victory on, what would have been, the 29th birthday of Emiliano Sala before chanting his name with your home crowd.

After the tragic death of the striker last year, this felt like a fitting tribute.

2. Steve Cook reminds Leeds United where they are

Since when did Leeds United’s near two decade absence from the Premier League ever stop them from having a huge chip on their shoulder?

3. Bootlegger is BACK!

He’s back baybee! That’s right, Welsh legend Bootlegger has finally completed his Sober For October pledge and the football world rejoices as he returns to our mobile phone screens in the run up to the festive period.

Seeing the delight on his face as he tucked into an array of Pilsner, Tunnocks caramel wafers and the mighty Buckfast was akin to watching a child open their toys on Christmas Day. Alas, Santa Claus is not real, but the Welsh wonder is - and he’s alive and kicking!

4. Hector Bellerin doesn’t feel the cold

How ‘soft’ are these foreign imports eh?! Grrr, do they make you spit with fury as they fall over at the slightest touch, showing off their fancy snoods and gloves?

Fear not, Hector Bellerin is here to change your mind.

The Arsenal right-back melted the hearts of even the harshest of Brexiteers last week, as he gave up his Gunners tracksuit for the freezing cold Arsenal mascot.

5. Barrow away for a stag do? Fair enough!

Stag do’s are class. I’ve had one and it was the best weekend of my life (probably), you’ve had one, and you still probably regale the Lads with tales of that fateful weekend and your heroic banter.

Whilst many opt for four days in Brugge or Hamburg, Joe Stuart opted for Barrow AFC, and whilst we’re not too sure why, it did raise a smile hearing he led the team out at the weekend. Bit of a tight fit though.

6. Conor McLaughlin with the LOLs

Kudos must go to our Northern Irish right-back for providing the best entertainment at the Stadium of Light this weekend, as he recalled the tale of his school friend in the official matchday programme. The poor kid must have suffered panic attacks whenever he heard a Mr. Whippy van with its jovial little jingle around the council estate.

Do you know Two Scoops? Then tell him to get in touch with us!

7. We bet Queen of the South weren’t good at algebra...

Imagine trying to book two seats together as a Queen of the South fan?

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