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Fan Letters: “After 50 years I think I have fallen out of love with Sunderland AFC...”

After over 50 years I think I have fallen out of love with Sunderland AFC and all that’s left is a sense of clinging onto a memory of what I used to feel” says RR reader Alan Haddick. Got something to say?!

Dear Roker Report,

I have been struggling a bit with my feelings towards the club over the last year or so and have come to a conclusion.

There has always been an element of magic, something special about my club and it just isn’t there any more. After over 50 years I think I have fallen out of love with Sunderland AFC and all that’s left is a sense of clinging onto a memory of what I used to feel.

I imagine many of us feel the same and that sense of loss is turning to anger and driving the club and ourselves further apart.

It pains me and I so want that feeling back again.

I won’t go on, I’ll just leave you with Earth, Wind and Fire who put it rather well:

“For a while, to love was all we could do

We were young and we knew, and our eyes were alive

Deep inside we knew our love was true

For a while we paid no mind to the past

We knew love would last

Every night somethin’ right

Would invite us to begin the dance

Somethin’ happened along the way

What used to be happy was sad

Somethin’ happened along the way

And yesterday was all we had”

Alan Haddick

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Thanks for writing in, Alan. I think a lot of fans are feeling dejected and helpless - and it’s perfectly normal considering the position we find ourselves in. Hopefully, there is some spark that kicks out club back into life, unfortunately all we can do is play the waiting game... as frustrating as that may be.

Almost derelict Stadium of Light. Photo by Dave Howarth/EMPICS/PA Images via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Long story, but I adopted Sunderland as my team when the English Premier league began being televised in the United States. I got hooked and have been Sunderland till I die ever since. Sitting here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and the team being in the league it is, makes it a bit hard to follow. I have come to love your efforts. The Cans and Megabus guides are a particular favorite of mine. Hopefully some day my wife and I can make a trip and join the fun.

As you may know our President in the United States behavior has created a Congressional inquiry and there has been a parade of witnesses on our television. The witness this morning is a diplomat named Fiona Hill. She was born in Bishop Auckland and there is a bit of chatter about her unique accent. Can you tell me if she is a Mackem or a Geordie or something else altogether?

Pat O’Connell

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Hi Pat, I heard her on the radio the other day and was totally taken back - I can’t believe how strong her accent is still. I’ve read a bit about her, and there’s nothing to suggest that she’s either a Mackem or a Geordie. That being said, a lot of Sunderland fans consider County Durham - where Bishop Auckland is located - to be part of the Mackem Nation. Many will even tell you that there’s nowt worse than a Durham Mag, so I’d like to think she’s a Massive Lads Fan! Hope you get across to see a game soon.

Open Hearings on the Impeachment of President Donald Trump in Washington, DC, US Photo credit should read Michael Brochstein / Echoes Wire / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

See the manager pratkinson seeing nothing but positives again .Is he safc manager or Norwich city manager .nb they won another premier league game.another week another record low league position.He thinks WillnotScore GRIGG. will come good .I actually agree he will come good when n if he ever plays for West Auckland.Can any safc fan or football expert truly convince me I am wrong about this BAFOON.I make no apologies for thinking our beloved safc may be in div 4 next year is their anyone out their who can convince me I am wrong too worry.

Jarvis n billy

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Not sure what to say, Jarvis n billy. Don’t think we’ll be relegated to division 4, but do think there’s a lot to worry about, that’s for sure. I’m personally not sure where we go from here, it feels like a real mess.

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