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Dear Roker Report,

Like all our fans this season, I have grimaced with utter frustration at what is happening week in/out at the club on the pitch. Inept half hearted displays followed with excuses about injuries etc. The facts of this complete farce are;

1). Parkinson will NOT get us out of this league. He is in way over his head, and he knows it. He is already using player injuries as his main excuse for totally inept pathetic performances on the pitch.

2). The blame for this is purely down to Stewart Donald and Co. Anyone with a patch on both eyes knew Parkinson was not the man for the job. Stewart Donald is undoubtedly an astute businessman, but that does NOT make for being a good footballing man. ALL fans know we need someone who will kick their backsides (physically or mentally, we don’t care), and get these soft half baked goons to wear the shirt with pride and realize just how fortunate they are to be “performing” for such a club as ours.

3). We NEED Nigel Pearson and a wingman of Kevin Philips to come in. We NEED this because we are stagnant at best. We are not going to get out of here this season and we will be given the same regurgitated excuses when that time rolls round.

4). SD needs to swallow his pride and sort this mess out now, not next season, or in March of next year. People moaned at Jack Ross and his brand of football, but compared to this fella, we were playing like Barcelona.

I genuinely fear for us going forward. We are in complete limbo. No decent consortium would invest in us as we are. Would you?

I can see exactly how this season is going to pan out, and so can everyone else. We will have the odd result when false hopes are raised again, only to then be hit by a typical Sunderland follow-up performance of hopeless long ball hoofing. We will lose out on a play-off spot, and then be told that we are all in it together, and that we have to stick by the club etc, etc. I know I am not alone when I say I am weary of this. I am tired of it all. I have not been to the last 3 home games, and I am NOT attending any other games this season. I am simply mentally drained by the club I love so much. Enough is finally enough.


Ed’s Note [Damian]: Parkinson has been in this job for one month and, unlike Jack Ross, has actually seen two of his teams promoted from this division.

We actually do have injuries to players, and those players happen to be some of the most effective members of the team. The absence of Gooch (arguably our most direct, industrious player) has been blatantly obvious throughout his recent injury. McNulty is statistically our best striker, and while that’s not saying an awful lot it’s a lot more than can be said for his alternatives. And so on and so on.

While I can’t attest to why the owners specifically chose Phil Parkinson as the man for the job, I can glance at his CV and have a bloody good guess. The idea that two former owners of a football club who now own this football club can’t be “footballing men” is not only nonsensical, it’s lazy to produce in an argument. By that token no one should pay a bloody word to anything anyone but footballers themselves say, which would render your argument redundant and change the face of the entire industry forever. When someone comes up with a working definition for “footballing men”, please do send me an email.

I’m a fan of Nigel Pearson and it’s likely that he would be successful getting us into the Championship. However, this idea that Kevin Phillips is somehow our hero and saviour is nothing more than whimsy. The man scored a lot of goals for us once, fantastic - that has no bearing on where we are or what we need. It barely qualifies him to manage a Sports Direct, let alone a football team. The sooner we rid ourselves of this farcical idea that Kevin Phillips is not only capable of leading us to glory, but that he actually wants to do so, the better.

We really weren’t playing like Barcelona, and it’s not only far too early to judge the manager, it’s counter-productive to cling onto these overly harsh opinions because they’re born purely of frustration and have no grounding in reality. The truth is that the man you’re saying was better had 18 months to fail to get us promoted, and his successor has barely put his foot in the door. Our league form is nowhere near as dire as so many doom mongers would have you believe, nor is it anywhere near a sackable offence (at least for as long as common sense prevails at Sunderland).

Oxford United v Sunderland AFC - Carabao Cup Round of 16 Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Will all the Sunderland fans who are wearing red n white tinted glasses please stop looking for the positives of our beloved club after another shambles v c****avery this feller Pratkinson is again talking things up after another northern league like side performance cos basically that’s about the standard of this squad.Can everyone just take on board we are are club on a decline of Bradford city proportions or worse still hartlepool n consider one of the deep rooted reasons why bcfc are where they are. Arise pratkinson and all his backroom staff .I wouldn’t trust this feller to run a domino card his spin on every result and poor performance is nothing but a smoke cloud for his inept ness if he was employing plumbers of the same technicall ability as he has in connection with his football skills to do work on problems on his posh mansion he would have sacked them for their incompetence.He is at our club cos we are led by donkeys please join in praying someone takes control from the present baffoons who are in charge at this present time.THEIR INCOMPETANCE IS MATCHED ONLY BY THEIR WORPED CONSTANT PRESS INTERVEIWS THAT THEY ACTUALLY THINK THEY BELIEVE THAT THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. IE NORTHERN ECHO SAT FILL HIS OWN POCKETS PRATKINSON SAYING HE KNOWS WHAT IS REQIURED.WHY IS IT THAT FOOTBALL IS AN INDUSTRY THAT MAKES FELLAS LIKE HIM N ALL HIS PLAYERS VERY RICH FOR BEING ABSOLUTELEY HOPELESS.LETS START BY US FANS DEMANDING THAT THE CLUB TAKE ALL THEIR POSH CARS OFF THEM AND GET TO WORK VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORT LIKE MOST OF FOOTBALL FANS HAVE TO. STRIP THEM AND THEIR WAG WIVES OF THEIR RICHES AND MAYBE THEN THEY WILL START TO EARN THEIR MONEY.

Jarvis n billy

Ed’s Note [Damian]: Lads... what are you smoking, and can I have some?

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