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The Magnificent 7: Buckfast... Dogs... the Mag meltdown, and eight red cards in five minutes!

Ye olde Buckfast tonic wine makes an appearance in the Europa League, the World Cup of Dogs begins and red cards for Yeovil’s ball boys all make an appearance in our compilation of this week’s best bits from the world of football.

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1. Buckfast! Yas! Cumbernauld Rocket Fuel!

Fans of Scottish football will know it’s no’ a proper night at the footie unless ye have yer Bucky! Sadly, unlike most European grounds, here in the United Kingdom us football louts are not trusted to drink alcohol in the stands in case we...I don’t know, spill it on somebody?

However, this cheeky little minx managed to tan his tonic like a good yin, raising his rocket fuel to the camera as he downed the glorious commotion lotion live on TV. Yaldi, ma man.

2. There’s a good boy, Rangers!

International Dog Day is a great day, perhaps the greatest day ever, and God bless Glasgow Rangers for honouring good old doggos this week.

That’s right, the blue sea of Ibrox invited all dogs to use their paws and tweet why they are simply the best Rangers supporting dog of all time, as they showcased the good boys of Glasgow in their own World Cup of Dogs. As you can tell by the winner’s face, he was delighted with his signed photo of Allan McGregor.

3. The Chaser appears at Cambridge United

It must get boring sitting in a chair answering questions set to you by Bradley Walsh all week, so why not get involved in a bit of Stewarding.

Fair play, Mark Labbett.

4. EIGHT red cards in two minutes for Yeovil!

Jumpers for goalposts, red cards for the ball boys?

With six minutes left on the clock, referee Aaron Jackson decided to bring some entertainment to the fifth tier game between Yeovil Town and Bromley by sending off one of the Huish Park ball boys for ‘hindering the game’, indicating he was getting involved in a little bit of bad sportsmanship.

Understandably, the Yeovil Town Twitter account was a tad surprised.

It didn’t stop there though, as - straight from the Brett Pitman book of hating ball boys - he went on to send off ALL EIGHT of them after, allegedly, warning them numerous times about time wasting. One steward was tasked with gathering them all in and leading them away down the tunnel, as the home crowd wondered just who exactly had taken a pee in Jackson’s Cornflakes that morning.

5. “You played really well!”

Seeing your local rivals implode on live TV will always be humorous to fans, but when I was directed to a video of a Magpie fan and confronting captain Jamal Lascelles in the immediate aftermath of their 5-0 defeat at Leicester City, I must admit I was in tears laughing. It wasn’t the confrontation that made me crease up, however.

For those of you who have seen it, towards the end of the confrontation, a Newcastle fan criticises the alleged £40k a week wages the skipper picks up, before the high pitched voice of an autograph hunting child pipes up - sarcastically, who knows - “yeah, you played really well!”. Hilarious, if maybe unintentional, from the kid.

6. Sadio Mane and Mo Salah have made up!


7. Fair play, the Posh!

Thomas Cook’s stricken staff were given a superb gesture from Darragh MacAnthony’s Peterborough United last weekend, as they offered free tickets to staff who have found their jobs have been lost due to no fault of their own.

Whilst many former Thomas Cook employees may not be fans of the Posh, it was a fantastic gesture, and one that should, and could, have been rolled out across more clubs.

Insolvency Thomas Cook - Mallorca Photo by Clara Margais/picture alliance via Getty Images

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