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Investment, FPP and Madrox: Picking apart what this means for Sunderland AFC going forward

Put all rumours and speculation aside and instead focus on what we know - what does the Sunderland Echo’s statement regarding investment by the FPP Sunderland Ltd group actually tell us, and what does that mean for the club going forward?

Sunderland v Rotherham United - EFL League 1 Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The article posted today by the Sunderland Echo gave fans their first real insight into what FPP’s dealings with Sunderland AFC - or, Madrox Partners Ltd in fact - will be, as it was confirmed that the American group of businessmen led by partners of multi-billionaire Michael Dell had invested money that would be used to significantly enhance the club’s infrastructure.

The FPP Sunderland Limited group that was formed on 16th September 2019 comprises of Glenn Fuhrman, John Phelan and Robert Platek. All three men are from MSD Partners - the private investment firm of American Billionaire Michael Dell.

The group will not be on the shareholding register of the club - but they are believed to be investing an ‘eight figure’ sum of money that will then go into the club via Madrox.

The money will be used to boost the club’s recruitment and academy structures, as well as the club’s Stadium of Light and what has been called ‘other infrastructure’.

As the Sunderland Echo have reported, the investment has been made into Madrox Partners Limited - the company who lists Stewart Donald, Charlie Methven and Juan Sartori as it’s directors on the Companies House website.

That detail is important - that the investment is not in Sunderland AFC, but in Madrox Ltd.

Obviously, the trickle down effect from that is relatively easy to assume.

The money going into Madrox Ltd from FPP will then be used to improve the infrastructure of Sunderland AFC. Bluntly put, the dealings between FPP and Madrox are not really anyone’s business, publicly at least, unless of course the parties involved choose to come out and comment on their intricate dealings. All that is important for supporters of Sunderland AFC is that when this money eventually finds its way into our club, that will not come as a result of the club accruing a debt.

It’s logical to assume that the group are, as a result of their investment, either expecting a return on it or waiting before purchasing shares in the club further down the line - perhaps when the team gets out of League One and into the Championship.

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