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Fan Letters: “We are League One, and League One we are going to stay for a good few seasons yet”

How do you feel about Phil Parkinson’s chances on Wearside? In today’s Fan Letters, the RR readers are struggling to get past Sunderland’s last few defeats. Let us know what you think:!

Danny Roberts

Dear Roker Report,

Well, here we go again lads. No sooner is the air filled with optimism, than the good old SAFC first teamers let us down again. The worrying part for me is Parkinson saying if we play like that ongoing, we will win a lot more than we lose. What trollop!! We played like that and couldn’’t even beat Shrewsbury, so what hope against other teams further up the league?

Isn’t it about time these bozos got a kick right up the backside with a size 12 pit boot. They may be playing for a club with a superb fanbase and first class facilities, but they are bloody gutless and lack any kind of pure fight for the cause. Can you imagine Nigel Pearson putting up with that absolute drivel? No chance. No chance of an arm around the shoulder from him. More like a well aimed rocket up the bloody arse, and rightly so. I knew, I just knew this would happen. Let’s get used to it everyone. We are League 1, and League 1 we are going to stay for a good few seasons yet. This is life for us now. Go on a long winning run. Don’t make me bloody cry.


Ed’s Note [Tom]: Yes, the Shrewsbury game was disappointing, but I think it’s far too early to suggest that Parkinson isn’t the man and that we’re going to be stuck in League One for the foreseeable. Parkinson has a track record of getting sides promoted from League One, I think he just needs time.

Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I thought we were unlucky in the main on Saturday not to get something - hit the woodwork twice and a couple of chances that were saved / flashed across the box and missed.

Our biggest weakness was our defence in their goal - it was another weak goal to concede and we were not tight to them and politely gave them space.

Our biggest let down was Grigg and McGeady. If the rest of the team were playing at 7/10 they were both 3/10. Completely static. McGeady couldn’t beat his man and couldn’t get a cross in. He was static and didn’t do anything. Grigg looked sad like Charlie Chaplin in a film. He wanted the ball to his feet but then couldn’t beat his man and looked slow and dejected all game. It just looks like it’s never going to happen for him.

Overall, unlucky in the main, but let down by two key players.

It’s League One next season isn’t it.

Ian Carse

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Again, I think it’s too early to suggest the season is over. However, results do need to improve soon. Parkinson has history of finding success with pace out wide - as such I think we need to utilise Gooch, Watmore, and perhaps even Benji Kimpioka. McGeady and Maguire are good options in behind the striker, but don’t fit into the plan that Parkinson has had in the past for his wingers. The Tranmere game showed how this side can play, we just need to focus on those strengths.

Sunderland v Tranmere Rovers - Sky Bet Leauge One Photo by Mark Fletcher/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

There seems to be a distinct lack of whinging and calling for the managers head after yesterday’s result ! Same old story, different manager...

Derek Mason

Ed’s Note [Tom]: I’m going to give the new boss some time to see how he gets on.

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