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Fan Letters: The never-ending debate over Jack Ross’s future as Sunderland manager continues

It feels like a never ending discussion, but today’s Roker Report readers Mick and David continue to analyse Jack Ross’ role as Sunderland manager. Got something to say? Email us:!

Dear Roker Report,

It was pleasing to finally see an article defending Jack Ross, who I think has done a marvellous job given what he walked into, and what he had to work with.

He is slowly turning things around looking at the long term, rather than the board listening to idiots shouting for sackings every two minutes.

Who would you replace him with that would be any better? I really feel that given the time this guy could be the answer to our long time search for the right man.

Mick Hudspeth

Ed’s Note [Tom]: You know, as an Editor of the site, it’s frustrating when one side or another suggests the entirety of the site’s contributors are either happy-clappers or naysayers. Ultimately, all the contributors are entitled to their own opinions, and that’s what they write about - whatever they think to be true.

As such, I think we have great variety on the site! Personally, I think Ross is doing a decent job, but could definitely be doing better. I couldn’t name anyone I’d rather have in the hot seat right now, I just want to see constant improvement.

Sheffield United v Sunderland AFC - Carabao Cup Third Round Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Re: Jack Ross...

He is tactically inept and clueless and has learned nothing from last season at all he still doesn’t know what his best starting eleven is and has 3 windows to improve the quality of the squad.

Some people say give him time he has had 16 months to improve and nothing has changed still operating negative tactics. I feel he is not the manager to get us promotion even via the playoffs all the negativity stems from the manager.

Should the investment/takeover happen maybe time for a change of manager this would give the player’s the imputus to push on currently not a chance.

David Malarkey

Ed’s Note [Tom]: As I noted in the above comments, everyone is entitled to their opinion on this matter - and that’s what is great about democracy. I definitely think Ross could be doing a better job, but I also don’t think Sunderland are in a situation that warrants dismissal. There’s no guarantee that a new manager would bring instant improvement. Ultimately, everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and I understand your frustrations.

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