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NEWS: Boardroom change as Sunderland AFC Managing Director Tony Davison leaves the club

One member of Sunderland’s board has left the club - Managing Director Tony Davison has departed after 18 months in his role.

Sunderland AFC

Roker Report understands that Sunderland AFC Managing Director Tony Davison has left the club after an 18 month stint as part of the club’s board of directors.

Davison, who famously worked at the club many years ago as the ‘Samson the Cat’ mascot, headed up the club’s commercial department and was responsible for bringing the Spice Girls concert to the Stadium of Light last summer, as well as helping to form the SAFC Business Club.

Davison departs on good terms, and apparently said his goodbyes to the staff at the club last week.

In a statement to the Sunderland Echo, Charlie Methven said:

We have all thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Tony throughout the last 18 months.

It’s been extremely hard graft on his part and the club’s success came at immense personal sacrifice, with long hours and long weeks spent away from his home and family.

As such, we all felt that it was the right time to part ways. We look forward to welcoming Tony back to the Stadium of Light as a guest on many future occasions, and he remains a close friend.

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