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Is Daniel Stendel any good? Barnsley fanzine reveals all about Sunderland managerial candidate

Daniel Stendel - is he any good? We’re not entirely sure, so as such we called in an expert - Barnsley Fanzine ‘Ey Up & Down’ - to go in depth and tell us all we need to know about the Sunderland managerial candidate.

Barnsley v Fulham - Sky Bet Championship - Oakwell Photo by Richard Sellers/PA Images via Getty Images

RR: First off – can you just give us some insight into what has gone on at Barnsley, and what led to Stendel leaving the club earlier this week?

EU&D: We have a board of Chinese and American owners who’s strategy is to buy younger players, develop them and ultimately sell them for a profit. It worked perfectly in League One and we played some amazing football, but in the Championship Stendel begged for some experience.

The experienced players he wanted didn’t fit the model, and it looks like suggesting we played like a “youth team” against Preston was the final straw for the board.

RR: Sunderland are believed to be interested in potentially appointing Daniel Stendel as their manager. Do you think he has what it takes to manage Sunderland? As we’ve seen with Jack Ross, success depends upon a manager having the right type of character to adapt quickly and thrive in such a high pressure environment.

EU&D: Stendel would work wonders for Sunderland we reckon. The fans will absolutely love him! Last season our football was a joy to watch. He really got the players working together and they seemed to really enjoy their football.

RR: Should Stendel come to Sunderland, how do you think that news would go down with the people, fans and players of Barnsley?

EU&D: If he does come to Sunderland I think most Barnsley fans will be glad for the lad, as we genuinely feel he was harshly treated. Strange as it sounds, we just want the bloke to do well for himself, no matter where he ends up.

Barnsley v Fulham - Sky Bet Championship - Oakwell Photo by Richard Sellers/PA Images via Getty Images

RR: What kind of manager is Daniel?

EU&D: Daniel is a real character - he kicks every ball from the touchline and speaks his mind. He looks after his players and in return just wants 100% effort. Anyone who slacks will find themselves on the bench. He’s not afraid to celebrate victories either, so your landlords will love him (all responsibly of course).

RR: Would you say that Stendel has a discernible style of football? If so, what is it?

EU&D: His style of football is the high press and counter attack that works wonders in League One. If the players are good enough - and I’m sure yours are, you’ll find you dominate games and score plenty of goals. Don’t worry if you concede because you’ll score more than the opposition generally.

RR: What did Daniel do last season that made his Barnsley side so successful?

EU&D: Last season Daniel brought the whole football club together after a terrible relegation season under Jose Morais. We all loved going to games and you could see the players enjoyed it too. He was active in the community and installed a belief and an identity that was based on graft. We’re going to miss the bloke.

RR: What would you say to any Sunderland fan who isn’t sure that Daniel Stendel would make a good manager for our team?

EU&D: I would say watch a few Barnsley games from last season and you’ll soon be converted. We didn’t draw many games unlike Sunderland and that was the difference between us going up and not you.

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