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Fan Letters: Passionate Sunderland supporters in Brazil are keeping the red flag flying high

Brazilian RR reader Gustavo has wrote in regaling us with a tale of his love for the Lads and how he began watching Sunderland. Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition!

Fan Letters
Fan Letters
Danny Roberts | Roker Report

Dear Roker Report,

I would like to share my story regarding Sunderland AFC. I have a cousin who was born in Pontefract, in 2011 she and her father came to Brazil on vacation. Her father introduced me to SAFC, since then I fell in love with the team.

I started to follow all the games when in the Premier League. In 2014, my cousin returned to Brazil and I had to ask her to buy some SAFC shirts for me, at that time I introduced SAFC to my friend Raphael and gave him a gift of a shirt too.

Since then, we have been following all Sunderland games. We were always impressed that despite the difficulties that the team possessed, the fans never stopped their support.

Me and my friend Raphael follow all the team’s games. We have already watched the new series on Netflix two times. But our biggest dream would be to go to the Stadium of Light for a game. If only I had the money to make the journey!

Sunderland AFC has a magnificent history with fantastic players like Stephane Sessegnon, Allan Johnston, John O’Shea, and Jermain Defoe among my favourites.

More than any other, the difference to other clubs is the fans - they always impress me. Anyway, Sunderland has become part of both mine and Raphael’s hearts!

Gustavo Ginaldo

Ed’s Note [JN]: Great to have you both aboard as honorary Mackems, Gustavo & Raphael! You may not know, but Danny Collins is probably the most famous Brazilian to play for the Lads, he really is a skillful... well, you may want to Google the full song.

I hope you do manage to get over to see a game sooner rather than later - it truly is a completely different experience and culture from South America, although the Roker End might not be quite as colourful as your own famous barras’.

Gustavo and Raphael backing the Lads all the way from Brazil.

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