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Roker Rapport Podcast: Join us as we talk all things Sunderland LIVE on Youtube from 9pm-11pm!

It’s Deadline Day, so what better excuse for us to do a LIVE Podcast over on our Youtube channel? Join the Lads as they talk about all things Sunderland AFC from 9pm-11pm tonight!

Danny Roberts | Roker Rapport Podcast

The Roker Rapport Podcast will go LIVE over on Youtube at 9:00pm BST as we say goodbye to yet another month of torture at Sunderland AFC in the aftermath of the transfer window closing.

Joining our host Graham MacMillan-Mason will be Roker Report team members Connor Bromley, Danny Roberts, Chris Wynn, Jonny Goldsmith and Jack Ford as the Lads run down what has been a topsy-turvy transfer window, discuss Sunderland’s business on the final day, all the ins and outs, answer your questions and more!

We won’t start til spot on 9pm but make sure you get nice and comfy before that, ready for the show to begin.

You’ll be able to submit your questions for the boys to answer in the live Youtube chat box, so please feel free to ask them absolutely anything!

See you later on.

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