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FAN LETTERS: “The gold medals for extreme p*ss-taking go to Sunderland’s Djilobodji & Ndong!”

“Sunderland should continue to withhold the salaries of Didier Ndong and Papy Djilobodji!” says Roker Report reader Colin. Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in a future edition!

Sunderland v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

We have to award the gold medals in p*ss-taking to Djilobodji and N’Dong.

Is anyone else as fed up as I am in reading about these two? Earlier last week you stated that Djilobodji was a possible signing for Hannover 96 after the club were unwilling to follow through on Klose from Norwich rated at £4m. What surprised me was that we might get £1.5m - a somewhat reduced figure from the £8m that Moyes paid to Chelsea.

These guys have not only wasting the club’s time during the summer but that of supporters reading all about their possible moves. They prevented Jack Ross signing up people like Christie from Celtic and other possible strikers who could possibly guarantee our promotion and the consequent extra revenue that would generate.

In addition, no doubt we helped to subsidise their wages whilst on loan last season. This is one of the reasons supporters are losing sympathy with so called professional (but extremely greedy) footballers with absolutely no affinity with their club and the lowest possible levels of morality.

My solution would be to continue to withhold their salaries and to tell them they have well and truly frustrated their contracts. We should hold on to their registrations ensuring they cannot play for anyone else.

And if, as you imply, the club is willing to accept smaller fees for Djilobodji and the equivalent for Ndong then the only way they can move on is for the player himself or his agent or new club to pay £1.5m for the release - and if that is next January, so much for the better.

Let’s just continue to support the current players and forget these piss-takers altogether.

Colin Ions

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I can’t argue with much of that, Colin, you are bang on.

The one thing that I hope will delight you (and anyone else reading this) is that the club appear willing to take the stance you are suggesting. From a legal standpoint we must be in a good position to sue both players for breach of contract. Their actions have reduced their valuation to the club and we’re going to lose a lot of money on both of them come the end of this - and I don’t believe that is fair on the club, who have acted professionally throughout.

If they do turn up to train in order to try and pick up their wages then I just hope they’re kept as far away from the other players as possible. They’re not the sort of characters you want hanging around the dressing room, stinking the place out.

Let’s just be happy in the knowledge that the club won’t make such idiotic transfer decisions again whilst the current owners are in charge.

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