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ROKER RICHES: Kicking off the 2018/19 season in style with some terrible Sunderland betting tips

WE’RE BACK! Have you missed us? Probably not. Either way, here are this week’s selection of absolutely terrible betting tips from a selection of our writers - follow them at your peril.

Roker Report

That’s right, lads and lasses, it’s time again to follow our advice - or not, depending how gullible you are - and win yourself some easy money.

Now... I know you may point to the fact that we kept believing in Sunderland last season and kept trying to convince you that “this would be the day it all turns around”, but we’ve learned from our mistakes. We know our heart can’t rule our head, and our loving instincts need to be mediated.

With that in mind... let’s get ready to smash League One and rake in the coin along the way!

There are no massive changes to the format this season, apart from our shiny new shirt sponsor who we’ll be using for the odds (hi BETDAQ... got any offer codes lying around?).

Each gambler starts with £100 and they can use a stake of up to £50 per bet - one on Sunderland’s upcoming match, and one on anything they like. There’s also the banker’s bonus, which gives our pundits a risk free punt if his conditions are met.

So, without further ado - let’s see what the lads are going for in week one.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

The Banker’s Bonus...

Should Sunderland begin their season with a win for the first time since 2009, the banker will give each player a free £10 five-fold for the opening weekend of the Premier League.

Our Picks...

Gav - @Gav1879

Sunderland to win: I’m playing it safe... actually, am I?! Betting on Sunderland to win didn’t work all that often last season, but I’m hoping things have changed. £10 returns £20.

Fourfold: Spurs, West Brom, Fleetwood and Darlington all to win. £10 returns £107.62.

Rory - @RoryFallow

Sunderland to lead at half time and full time: Keeping it nice and simple for the opening day. We’re going to absolutely pezzle these Lee Bowyer managed jobbers. £5 returns £15.75.

West Brom, Derby, Middlesbrough treble: Three teams tipped to do well this season, although Derby’s appointment of Frank Lampard makes them an unknown quantity. I still think they’ll have enough to beat Reading though, while West Brom & Boro should overcome Bolton & Millwall. £5 returns £42.50.

Danny - @DJRoberts22

Sunderland to beat Charlton: Let’s hope the lads start the season the best way possible and pick up all three points against the Addicks. I think they will and it should give a good start to this year’s Roker Riches. £5 returns £10.

Sunderland to score more points than Newcastle in the first 5 games: BETDAQ are offering this incredible special, which I just can’t ignore. With Newcastle playing Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal in their first five games, this is surely buying money, right? £45 returns £90.

Bromley - @connorbromley

Sunderland to lead at half time and full time: Yes, after last seasons poor performance, this year I am taking the safe approach. No more ridonculous bets. Sunderland are favourites this weekend and I think we should win. £5 returns £15.75.

West Brom and Boro double: Aye, I am betting on our smoggy rivals. But they should get past Millwall this weekend. West Brom host Bolton so look like a shoe-in to take all three points. And this tidy double nets a lovely profit. £5 returns £18.90.

Dan Parker - @DGP202

Sunderland to beat Charlton: I’m dead excited for the season to start and for us to get off to a flyer. Ha’way the Lads! £10 returns £20.

Chelsea to lift Community Shield: Not sure why but think Chelsea will be more prepared than City for this one. Not that confident though as only sticking £5 on it. £5 returns £17.50.

Chris - @chrissavedlatin

Sunderland 2-0 Charlton: You’d like to think that predicting Sunderland’s fortunes would be a bit easier this year, and with that a change in luck with my gambling should hopefully follow suit. £5 returns £32.

Boro, Forest, West Brom, Sheff Utd & Burton all to win: I’m going for a comfortable Sunderland home win to start off the season, whilst also putting a daft wee 5-fold on and hoping for the best as teams start to get a feel of their squads. £3 returns £150.84.

Graham - @AsylumDoors

Sunderland 3-1 Charlton: I’ve had a feeling for this score all week. Charlton have plenty injuries and I think we’re far too strong for them. £3 returns £51.

Manchester City, Derby and Preston treble: City to take home the shiny, pointless thing, Derby to take Reading in the early kick off and Preston to overcome QPR - what could go wrong? £3 returns £27.

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