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FIRST LOOK: Sunderland’s Stadium of Light makeover has started as the first batch of seats go in

The first batch of seats have been changed inside the Stadium of Light - take a look at them here!

Sunderland AFC

The seat changes have started!

That’s right - a section of seats in the South East Corner of the Stadium of Light have been altered and are now white, replacing faded pink seats that have blighted not only that area of the Stadium but just about everywhere else in the ground.

The club have called upon supporters to help out with seat replacements over a series of dates in July, starting next Wednesday morning - something which Sunderland owner Stewart Donald first spoke passionately about in his maiden appearance on the Roker Rapport Podcast back in May.

Supporters that wish to take part in the event and that have registered their interest in doing so have been asked to take notice of the following information:

Dress code

You should wear suitable clothing for manual work. Closed-toed shoes must be worn, no heels, sandals or flip-flops. Protective equipment such as gloves and safety glasses will be provided, along with the necessary tools.

Please be mindful of the weather conditions, especially if it is hot – hats should be worn and sunscreen is advised.

Important information

Before commencing any work, a full safety briefing will be provided to you and a tutorial video will be shown. A safe working practices document will also be provided. This will take place on your arrival at the stadium and attendance at this is mandatory. Following this a disclaimer will need to be signed before you are able to take part.

Water will be provided throughout the duration of the event.

Please note, the Stadium of Light is a non-smoking venue.

The fun part!

You will be invited to join us for a complimentary burger and pint or soft drink after the completion of your shift.

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