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FAN LETTERS: Sunderland changing their run-out music - should it happen and what should it be?

Run-out music and the atmosphere at the SoL in general are the hot topics in today’s Fan Letters. Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in a future edition!

Fan Letters Danny Roberts | Roker Report

Dear Roker Report,

I know people are talking about this at the moment and personally I have always liked Ready To Go, however, if people want a change why don’t we ask one of our own to write us something special?

As we all know the mags run out to local hero penned by Mark Knopfler. He’s a skunk so it has resonance with their fans. Why can’t we get one of our own to pen us a tune?

I would ask Dave Stewart, formally of the Eurythmics, if he could put something together. He is a Sunderland fan and has attended games.

I am sure he would be proud as punch to be asked and would put his heart into it to make it sound great.

We could then run out and get behind something inspired by one of our own.

Paul Eden

Ed’s Note [JN]: The last song of the Local Hero album wasn’t really written for Newcastle, it just kinda morphed into their club anthem over time. I’d fear it may sound a bit forced to draft Dave Stewart in specifically for the job. But hey, it’s a nice idea and might work. We’d have to hear it first, though.

Sunderland AFC

Dear Roker Report,

Re: run-out music, thanks for choosing this as a topic. It’s something that’s been ignored for so long but should now be considered by Stewart Donald and his team.

Since the sale, the chairman has shown grit and guile with most things Sunderland related to try and get the fans optimistic about the future of this once great club.

In recent seasons it has been like groundhog day watching the same dross in the same pink seats running out to the same poor song and atmosphere to boot.

Well - Mr Donald has so far managed to get the fans positive about some of the incomings and definitely the outgoings. He has also addressed the seats with white seats now forming a red and white block in the stands.

Finally he now needs to address the club run out song maybe even return to a previous tune but must move away so that it all feels very different and uplifting.

Additionally, let’s get some singalong songs about the players going, just like ‘Super Kev’ or ‘Cheer up Peter Reid’.

Here’s to the season.

Derren Browne

Ed’s Note [JN]: Hi Derren - I’d be interested to hear what previous tune you have in mind. I’m sure that you have a real trick up your sleeve. A real Ace of Spades. If you are seer-iously a psychic you could look ahead and tell us all (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

I personally think Ready to Go and Dance of the Knights are perfect. The tension builder then the release of some good-old nostalgia. But maybe that’s all it is, nostalgia? Methven himself said way back on the very first Roker Rapport Podcast with Donald and himself that he wanted to change it for being too out of date.

It’s hard though. As the replies both in the comments and on twitter to the previously article have showed, everyone has a differing idea which essentially comes down to sheer music taste alone - and none of us can agree as a homogeneous unit on that. Suggesting one song here, one song there wont work. It needs to be something that has a genuine connection to the club and the fans. It is the least of priorities for now, though.

I do agree, however, that we need some newer, fresher songs for some new and upcoming players. There are few genuine songs anymore and those players who do have one are sang few and far between.

Stadium of Light - Sunderland AFC Sunderland AFC

Dear Roker Report

I have been following the fan letters on the topic of what song should the team run out to. Personally I think dance of the knights is perfect. The real problem is that the tension is missing. For several seasons they have been running out and the atmosphere has been truly depressing and that has nothing to do with the tune.

Anyone suggesting that we should have our own song in its place is jealous of the mags who basically adopted one and called it their own because Lindisfarne came from Tyneside and are using the dirge we have had to endure for the past several seasons is the fault of the song. Rubbish!

Once we get back to winning ways at the Stadium of Light I would expect this issue to vanish. Also if our new owners are wanting to change it because its linked with the past again is a PR exercise to get fans backing what they do, nothing to do with the song or its history.

Also I would add the atmosphere is lessened when thousands are still queuing at the bars and toilets downstairs or deliberately coming in late through the turnstiles as they avoid the drink queues in the stadium by visiting their locals before making their way to the ground – late. None of that is mentioned in your article though.

The song does not influence how the players perform.

Kind regards

Kenneth Stubbs

P.S. I personally I think that Local hero when it’s played for the mags reminds me of supermarket music being played in the background.

Ed’s Note [JN]: The article you mention is a collection of fan letters not written by us. So that is why it’s not mentioned. The club hierarchy have also never mentioned they’re actively looking to change the music, merely that Ready To Go is slightly outdated.

But aye, the atmosphere and performance has nothing to do with the music. Not that anyone who wants to change has suggested this in any way, shape or form, ever.

Corbis via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report

I personally think Ready to Go and Dance of the Knights are perfect.”

Agreed! 100%! But whatever else is suggested, please keep ‘Dance of the Knights’. It really is a great battle cry! I even heard it used in some TV programmes reporting on the World Cup and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Just because it failed to affect the efforts of previous mercenaries doesn’t mean it will fail to stir the hearts of our incoming players! To be honest, would any music have got Rodwell, Kone etc going (except perhaps the sound of cash going into their accounts)?

Malcolm Bland

Ed’s Note [JN]: Aye, it’s just the perfect build-up music for me. It should never be changed, and thankfully with going Classical will literally never be out of date due to the genre and brilliance of Prokofiev’s piece of music.

To be honest, I really don’t care what the music is and wouldn’t be arsed if it is changed and over what it is changed to, but I have to reply and talk about something.

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