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OPINION: Reaction to the news that Sunderland have sold Callum McManaman to Wigan Athletic

Sunderland have sold Callum McManaman to Wigan Athletic for an undisclosed fee after he expressed a desire to leave, meaning a side that is in desperate need of further acquisitions has lost another important player.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Well - what a turn-around. If we can learn anything from Callum McManaman’s speedy transfer this afternoon to Wigan Athletic it is that there are certainly quicker ways to be doing your transfer business.

The truth here is that whilst McManaman appeared happy to be at the club during pre-season, he’d had his heart set on a return to Wigan for some time.

He said as much in his introductory meeting with their official website when the signing was announced - he loved Wigan, never wanted to leave in the first place and has jumped at the chance to go back.

We, as always, will have to move on quickly.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Not that McManaman was an integral part of Sunderland’s team, of course, because he wasn’t. He barely played last season in the team that finished bottom of the Championship - obviously a fresh start is what he needs, even despite the fact he looked quite good in the small number of pre-season outings he’s had over the last few weeks.

It’s frustrating for Sunderland fans, though not necessarily because McManaman was well liked. I’d be lying if I said he was - he did nothing to endear himself to our fans last season and can only really be classed as a flop.

The frustration comes from our apparent lack of transfer activity.

For all the talk about which players we’re intent on signing, the fact is that since Reece James arrived 18 days ago we haven’t signed anyone else - and we haven’t actually spent money on a single player yet.

It’s frustrating that we’re now sat here with just two pre-season games left and we have a squad being held together by teenagers, all whilst players seem to be leaving quicker than they’re coming in through the door.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

The problem doesn’t lie with the club, though. They’re clearly working hard to get players in but are hitting issues along the way, which is frustrating but fairly normal.

We’re targeting players, like Mo Eisa, that are wanted by other clubs and that means we’re stuck waiting for his club to finally give up on asking for more money.

We had a really good bid in for Charlie Wyke... but he got injured, and the club are waiting to hear how bad it is before pushing forward with their deal. George Evans isn’t even in the country, and we’ve been haggling on his wages.

It’s natural to be worried and a little bit itchy but I’m trying my best to remain calm - and believe me, I’m one of the most impatient people on planet Earth.

Hopefully it all comes together quickly and we’ll get over the fact things appear to have slowed down on the transfer front - all I’d do now is urge my fellow supporters to sit tight and wait until deals start to materialise at the start of next week.

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