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FAN LETTERS: “Paddy McNair has acted disgracefully - he’ll regret leaving Sunderland for Boro!”

“He was ‘just dying’ to join Middlesbrough eh? Of course he was!” says RR reader Hughie. Email us: - we’ll include your message in a future edition!

McNair moved down the A19
Middlesbrough FC

Dear Roker Report,

As an exiled Sunderland supporter of some 45 years (I live in Torquay but work abroad) it was refreshing to hear Stewart Donald saying we were in his thoughts moving forward, especially with getting to the games.

I know he was looking at a maybe five or three game package, but what about a card that lets the ticket office know we are an exile and not a supporter from a different club?

The card would have a unique ID number that would then allow me when I am up home to purchase my tickets as a true supporter, and treat my family to this new dawn. I hope that this would be an option as I don’t have the chance to get to 3/5 games a season.

Speaking of new dawns I was, as many were, initially skeptical about why two southern gentlemen would be interested in Sunderland. I was concerned that we would have another false dawn as two chancers fancied a go at running our club and that this grand old lady we all love so much would be dropped deeper into the abyss.

How wrong could I be! So far I am very impressed with the openness and the passion spoken about our club - the fact that whatever has been said (for example the changing of the pink seats) has been seen through.

Yes, we wont be eating at the top table, we wont spend millions but then again we wont need to. The minute I heard that the piss-taking party was over I knew that, given the support of the amazing fans we have, that they would move heaven and earth to give us an identity, a club we could fall back in love with and to say with pride “I am a Sunderland fan”.

I know for now we will be in limbo somewhat, and the players we had will show their true colours, but that’s the process of relegation. Forget the fickle has-beens and never-weres, lets give Jack Ross a chance to get hunger and passion back onto the field.

Off the field the “exile” plan, cheaper season tickets (well done to all who renewed) and the new seats (LOL) will show we can rebuild - and that Sunderland AFC will rise again.

Steve - Afghanistan.

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Afghanistan, wow! Bet there aren’t many Lads fans out there. I think your enthusiasm is warranted, and I too share it. So far we’ve seen the new owners really try and impress the supporters with just about everything that they’ve done, and that has to continue. Beyond this summer we have a really difficult season to undertake, and how well prepared we are for the rigours of League One football will be determined by how well we operate within the transfer market over the coming weeks and months.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

The majority of fans are bang on about the selling of Paddy McNair.

He has acted in a disgraceful manner to the club that has nurtured him, paid his wages and stood by him throughout his recent injury prone career.

He was “just dying” to join Middlesbrough eh? Of course he was.

After all, who wouldn’t want to play in front of an average crowd of 20,000 compared to full houses at the SOL once we get moving? What a prat! What an ignorant greedy agent!

McNair will regret this, guaranteed. Get rid of them all if they don’t want to feel the pride of wearing the shirt. We would rather see 11 grafters out there spilling blood, rather than half a dozen clowns scared of ruffling up their hair on a wet cold Saturday afternoon.

Just look at our sides under Reidy. Even the most prolific of all, Super Kev, knew what it was to graft. Bloody molly cuddled kids. I would rather stay at home that pay good money to watch these little shits if they aren’t prepared to really get in amongst it.


Ed’s Note [Gav]: I know some might disagree with me on this but I share your attitude towards McNair owing Sunderland something. The fact is though that this deal probably suits everyone, as whether the club want to admit it or not it’s probably a good fee we’ve managed to get for Paddy and that money will be important to the club going forward.

That said, I wasn’t impressed by the apparent attitude of his agents who, by all accounts, made it very clear that McNair was above this club at present. I don’t wish him bad luck, but I just wish things could have ended better. He was a real highlight towards the end of the season and it’s a shame we’ve lost him, but I suppose that’s what happens when you get relegated to the third tier.

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