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FAN LETTERS: “This season is a massive one for Sunderland, so let’s stop all the negative sh*te”

Today’s mailbag is awash with excitement as Sunderland head into their first season in the third tier of English football for almost thirty years! Agree with our readers? Email us: - we’ll include your message in a future edition!

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Dear Roker Report,

I have been watching Sunderland for about 45 years and have seen some utter garbage over that time. Relegations-a-plenty (two to the third tier), playoff heartache, cup final heartaches... the list is endless.

I remember when we had Mick Buxton, a crumbling stadium and points deduction looming over us for playing an ineligible player; a chairman who was much-maligned and was in the background pulling strings.

To top all this off the mags were breaking transfer records buying England strikers, becoming the entertainers of football and nearly winning leagues, cups and competing in the Champions League.

The only thing that got me through football was constantly watching them fail... hilarious.

Our current situation is bad, but for god’s sake it’s nowhere near what we have witnessed in the past. Look at our stadium, training ground and fan base - it’s all there!

We have people in charge who get it and have seen an opportunity to make it great again.

Stop worrying about what we are spending and who we are buying, this is about restructuring. Look at Leicester, Southampton, they totally changed their structures - need I say any more?

I have seen some great times at Sunderland - promotions, cup finals, taking 15,000 fans to Man City on the final day of season and many many more huge turnouts on the road. The great escapes, the Peter Reid era - unbelievable, and we didn’t spend a lot.

This season is a massive one for us, but let’s stop all the negative sh*te and let the people running the club get on with it. We have people who know what they are doing, trust them and stop the negativity.

Ellis Short has gone, as have a lot of the players, the rest will be gone soon and the club behind the scenes has been restructured. Come on - let’s get behind them and smash this league next season.

Paul Eden

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Well put, Paul. It’s early days yet, and this is a brand new chapter of our history. We need to let go of the past and look ahead to the future. There’s still plenty of time to bring players in who are capable of creating fantastic memories like those you stated. Ha’way the Lads!

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Dear Roker Report,

I totally agree with Bill.

Fresh start, new beginnings for a lot of people, and new-seats.

Let’s get behind the lads who want to be here and play for which ever shirt we play in, with pride, passion and love for our club.

It will take time but Sunderland AFC will rise once more thanks to people like Stewart, Charlie, Jack and of course the best fans in the land, and players who do want to play for and care for our magnificent club.

Rob Brown

Ed’s Note [Tom]: You’re right, Rob, it will definitely take time to get things together, but there’s every possibility that we will find success once more. I personally cannot wait for the coming season. Keep the faith!

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Dear Roker Report,

With me being an exile in the south of England, I have not been to a match for over 12 years.

I never bought into the Premiership thing, but my love for Sunderland AFC has once again been stirred, and I’m excited for this new era. I intend to go to home and away games with the same fervor I had 30 years ago, when I never missed a game.

It’s a rollercoaster and I’m riding it. Haway the Lads!

Phil Marriner

Ed’s Note [Tom]: Phil, I’m an exile too, though a little bit further afield. This genuinely feels like a cathartic moment in our history, and it’s brilliant to hear scores of people inspired to return to the club in a more active manner. All the best for the coming season, marra!

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