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He’s back! Sunderland owner Stewart Donald returns to the Roker Rapport Podcast today

Sunderland owner Stewart Donald will join us in the studio again today to record another special edition of the Roker Rapport podcast. DO NOT MISS IT!

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Sunderland owner Stewart Donald will sit down again today with Roker Rapport Podcast host Connor Bromley to discuss all things Sunderland AFC and to answer questions sent in to us by our followers over on Twitter.

We’ve recorded two of these so far since the new owner arrived and they’ve both gone down a storm, with people certainly appreciating his honesty and openness with regards to discussing club matters, so this one is sure to be another treat.

Both of the last two Podcasts made it to the top of the iTunes sport charts, showing just how many Sunderland supporters enjoy hearing the club discussed in depth by the man right at the centre of everything.

When Will It Be Available?

This is the most commonly asked question that we get, so thought we best clear it up now in the hope that people avoid asking us about it all afternoon!

The last two shows with Stewart have ran over ninety minutes, so there’s that. Then we send the audio across to our producer, who touches it all up and makes sure the quality is as good as it can be.

Then once all the editorial is done, it needs to be uploaded to our various platforms.

But don’t worry - we’ll make sure that it’s live as quickly as possible.

Keep one eye on our Twitter feed and website this afternoon for updates on the release and other tidbits that may have come out of the show - we’ll be sure to update you on any exclusives we receive.

How Do I Subscribe?

Click here to find us on iTunes, and be sure to hit the subscribe button - that way, each time a new Episode of the Roker Rapport is released it will very handily drop straight on your device, ready to listen to at your leisure. Alternatively, you can search for us via iTunes or the Podcast app by simply typing ‘Roker Rapport’.

You can find us on the Acast app from Windows phones (click here), the iTunes store (click here) & Google Play (click here) for free - once you have that, search for ‘Roker Rapport’ and subscribe. Just like on iTunes, each new episode of the show will drop automatically for you on your device once you’ve subscribed - easy peasy.

Alternatively, there will be an article on this site each Monday and Thursday containing all of the details for each show so that you can listen to it from your smart device or desktop.

If you have any questions be sure to hit us up on Twitter at @RokerReport. Cheers!

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