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FAN LETTERS: “I hope Sunderland are properly compensated for assisting in Joel Asoro’s development”

Roker Report reader Colin says that he just hopes that the deal that allows Joel Asoro to join up with Swansea City suits Sunderland’s best interests. Email us: - we’ll include your message in a future edition!

Sunderland v Shrewsbury Town: EFL Cup Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I have never been one to try to hang on to dissatisfied players, the latest example being Joel Asoro. My only concern is that unlike a lot of previous deals done by Sunderland AFC, we need to include a sell-on clause involving a percentage of any future fee.

We have lost out in this manner previously, and I do believe that the club should be compensated for the time and money invested in Asoro’s development.

Fidem Servavi.

Colin Harrison

Ed’s Note [Gav]: You’re right to be wary, but I have faith that Stewart Donald negotiated a deal that suits our best interests. £2m doesn’t seem a lot on the face of it but you could argue that it’s a good price for a young player that hasn’t really proven a great deal as of yet. There are bonuses included dependent on promotion for Swansea, so we stand to make more down the line if they rebound quickly from the disappointment of relegation.

From my own point of view it’s disappointing to see him leave, because I think he could have been a real asset to Jack Ross and his squad this season. We can’t shed tears for players that don’t want to be here though, so let’s just wish him well and hope we re-invest that money into signing some much needed reinforcements in the striking department.

Fulham v Sunderland - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

So much is going on that what I want to suggest will seem trivial, but can we take advantage of the revolution to find a replacement for Prokofiev?

For a while it was very stirring - which is obviously the point of it - but now it’s a reminder of some awful times, as well as it having been hijacked by other clubs and other elements of the media.

I can’t immediately offer an alternative, but I’m sure somebody can. Perhaps the new owners could provide a small prize?

David Jackson

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Yeah, I think maybe a change of the tune might help to signal the start of a new era. It’s not really a big deal like you say, but I think fans would appreciate some sort of inclusion with regards to selecting the walk-out music - though I have no idea how they’d even manage something like that. Good suggestion though!

Sunderland v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Like many fans who have gone through ups and downs more than once with The Lads, I now feel we are back on the right track. In my 50+ years of being a supporter I don’t recall feeling better about the owners, and in Jack we have a manager who inspires confidence in players who know him. Taking a tough stance with players and agents who, as Charlie aptly puts it, have been taking the urine is music to my ears.

The departure of Rodwell was a stellar day, and with luck several other lazy and selfish players will soon also be gone. Hopefully we will all be happy at the end of the upcoming season and have a real team to be proud of.

Plus, of course, I hope we never again have to witness and endure an era of misguided ownership.

Ian Smith

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I think so too Ian. I don’t think we should expect miracles immediately but you can see that some serious groundwork has gone in so that the new owners can give the club a good footing to progress from the point that they took over.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

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