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FAN LETTERS: “How on Earth will Sunderland rid themselves of some of these horrendous players?”

Roker Report reader Neil expresses his concern over the task of shifting our painfully average high earners, while Mark claims fifteen is the number of new recruits we’ll need. Email us: - we’ll include your message in a future edition!

Livingston v Sunderland - Pre Season Friendly Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Like most die hard fans of our great club, I was delighted with the news that Ellis Short was gone and Stewart Donald was our saviour. I even believed that once the debt was cleared we would be in a far better position going forward.

I immediately created a notion in my head of “we are Sunderland, debt free and definitely better than where we currently find ourselves”.

After the initial positiveness of the takeover had died down, I am now back in the real world and the serious hard work must now begin.

We have a bunch of “very average” players earning more in a week than any football fan earns in a year, but they don’t want to stick around. It’s easy saying get rid but that’s the simple part. Finding another club willing to repeat our stupidity is the difficult part of the equation.

In an ideal world come August 4th, the likes of McGeady, Cattermole, Ndong and Rodwell will all have departed for pastures new.

We will have 15-20 new players, most of whom we won’t immediately recognise.

The difference will be these players give a sh*t, have a spine and will run through treacle for the cause of the shirt and the best fans in the North East.

We are more than capable of dominating this league with the right investment and a large slice of luck, but after 40 years following Sunderland AFC I know only too well not to take anything for granted.

We all need to stick together, believe in the new regime and hope in our wildest dreams this is the start of something new and special for our great club.

Neil Smith

Ed’s Note [Alex]: Too right, Neil. We have every right to celebrate the dawn of the new era, but for own sake we should keep our feet firmly on the ground and understand that there are still plenty of obstacles standing between us and a trailblazing return to the Championship.

Shifting the big names and high earners is a concern I share with you; I don’t know who in the right mind would sign Cattermole having watched him this season. But, as you say, maybe we’ll get that slice of luck and some wealthy yet misinformed club like Leeds will come in for him. Fingers crossed!

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

With only a few players wanting to stay at Sunderland it just explains the reasons for why we went down. Players only bothered about picking up big pay packets, no pride in wearing the shirt - the quicker they go, the better.

The new regime need to get the signings going - and believe me we do need 15 players.

We have the backroom staff now in place, so come on - let’s get the players in to get the fans talking.

Let the good times roll again.

Mark Wild

Ed’s Note [Alex]: We might need more than fifteen players! The vast majority of last season’s lot are either on their way out or have already departed, so nothing short of a complete squad overhaul will be required.

There really isn’t any pride or loyalty to Sunderland in these individuals. Many of these players owe the existence of their careers to our club and yet they’re happy to flee the ship once it starts to sink - maybe it’s a sad indictment of modern day football, or maybe we were just unlucky enough to have players with these poor characters? Either way, now’s a chance to turn a massive corner and get back on the trail to success. Onward and upward!

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