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Fan Letters: “Haway the Lads - All I can think about is how f*@king much I love Sunderland AFC!”

All this change is getting Sunderland supporters hot under the collar! Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition.

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Dear Roker Report,

It’s a Saturday night, Gareth Bale just scored the best Champions League final goal in history, I’m f*cking gassed and all can think about is how much I f*cking love Sunderland.

Charlie Methven, in an incredible interview with ALS, talked about his plans for Sunderland AFC. Given not only how sensible he makes his and Stewart’s vision sound, but how exciting it is that we’re going to get our club back, I think it may have sneaked by a lot of fans that he got our name right.

You’ve probably read a lot of interviews by people who apparently care about Sunderland Football Club. I’m guessing they must be some amateur club.

But jokes aside, I don’t think I have to explain why it’s exciting to have people in charge of our club who actually know its name.

I’m not alone, I know, in being swept into optimism with Sunderland. In fact, I think my second words in this world after “Ha’way the lads” were “never mind.”

But for the first time in a long time, I know I’m right. We have two guys with a love of football in charge of the club. Not someone with money that wants into football. But someone into football who wants to use their money. There’s a huge difference, and they’re letting us know it.

Jack Ross is an absolutely brilliant signing. I don’t care what anyone says about the SPFL, getting manager of the year ahead of Rodgers and Clarke is a huge achievement - even if Rodgers and Clarke are most famous for HMS Pinafore.

I made that up, but did you Google it?

I think I’ve made a few points in this message without making any actual point. But I think the point is still blindingly obvious. Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven have injected a real good feeling into this football club, without any football having been played yet. I’m already delighted by what’s happening.

I guess I sent it to you because I first heard of their plans on your excellent podcast. Also because I’m in Glasgow and have very few people to talk to Sunderland about.

Kyle Cobb

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Loving the optimism Kyle! We’re all feeling a bit giddy at the moment. All the change we’ve experienced this past week has been truly breathtaking, and things will only get more frantic from here. We haven’t even started buying and selling players yet!

Methven and Donald have been a complete breath of fresh air - I only hope that they manage to back up everything that they’re saying. They’ve really impressed me with how cut-throat they’ve been - they’ve came in, recognised where changes need to be made and haven’t hung about in doing so.

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