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St Mirren chief confirms Ross has joined Sunderland - & admits it’s like “a death in the family”

SKULDUGGERY! St Mirren chief executive Tony Fitzpatrick has confirmed that Jack Ross has left to become Sunderland’s new manager.

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We may be waiting for the news that Sunderland have made the appointment of a new manager in Jack Ross official, but St Mirren’s chief executive Tony Fitzpatrick has confirmed his departure and has said that the 41-year-old leaving feels like a ‘death in the family’.

Speaking to the Paisley Daily Express ahead of the confirmation, Fitzpartick said:

There is no other way to describe it, it really feels like there has been a loss in the family. That’s how deep it goes for everyone here at the club.

It can’t be understated just how big a job that Jack has done with St Mirren, he has pulled us all back together and it is for that reason that it is really devastating to see him leave the club.

But you have got to remember football moves on quickly, life moves on quickly and we have already got to look to the future. Although we are naturally disappointed that Jack has left, we always knew that one day this would come around.

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Jack has ambition and this was obviously an opportunity that he felt couldn’t let pass him by. I’m sure that I speak for the vast majority, if not all, of the supporters in thanking Jack for his efforts and helping us create memories that will last a lifetime in the minds of the fans.

He said he wanted to take us back to the Premiership – and he did that and more. He made an unquestionable impact on St Mirren Football Club and for that reason I would never say a bad word about Jack Ross.

He has left a legacy and I think it is apt that he has received his reward for that.

Hopefully the fact St Mirren are feeling Ross’ departure so keenly is a good omen for our club. Ross will be joined at Sunderland by his assistant at St Mirren James Fowler, and you can read about that appointment HERE.

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