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Podcast Notes: “I want to live and breathe every second of Donald & Methven’s Sunderland reign!”

I’d run through brick walls for Methven and Donald - now it’s time to find a manager, players and backroom staff that will do the same.

Stewart Donald in our Podcast studio yesterday
Roker Rapport Podcast

If Niall Quinn could sell sand to the Arabs, then Charlie Methven and Stewart Donald would not only sell them it but they’d make sure they kept coming back to buy even more.

Make no bones about it - Sunderland’s new owners can’t possibly have had a better first day in the job than what they did yesterday.

Of course Methven is a PR man and, understandably, some people will be keen not to get carried away with what he says, but tell me you didn’t feel anything but unbridled optimism when listening to him talk about his new vision for Sunderland AFC on yesterday’s Roker Rapport Podcast - it was engaging, and infectious.

The whole experience was a completely surreal one. Stewart has been fantastic to deal with and kept true to his word in appearing on our show, hot-footing it directly from the Stadium of Light in the wake of his introductory press conference to our studios in order to join us. Upon arrival he was a perfect gentleman, and never once came across as someone that’s a bit too big for his boots - sincere, easy to talk to and actually a little bit shell-shocked about what had just happened.

Then Methven arrived shortly afterwards, along with the production crew from Fulwell73 that were recording footage for their upcoming Netflix documentary about behind the scenes goings on at the Stadium of Light.

Both men spoke openly and honestly about their vision for the club - and all the while I just sat back, a little overcome with what was unfolding in front of us. How on Earth did we manage to get these two fellas to agree to this?!

I’m still a bit stumped, in truth.

But, if you think about it, this is what we’ve always wanted as fans. Honesty, transparency and the big questions surrounding our club answered as directly as they possibly can be.

Recognising the importance of speaking directly to supporters about the issues surrounding their club is a massive first step in the right direction for Sunderland’s new owners. And when the going gets tough, it’s imperative that they remain just as honest and just as direct.

For as long as they show their passion and intentions in plain sight, supporters will get behind them and their vision for the club.

If this is what the future of Sunderland AFC is going to be like then I want to live and breathe every second of it. Donald spoke of his dream to bring the club back to the fans, having us involved with important decisions - even down to removing and changing the pink seats.

To me, that’s what football is about - ensuring that supporters and their happiness is constantly at the forefront of their minds, all whilst working together to reach a common goal.

Talk is cheap, and their actions will be what we judge them on, but absolutely nobody or nothing is raining on my parade today. I only spent an hour in their company and I’d run through brick walls for these two men - now, it’s about bringing in a manager, players and staff behind the scenes that feel exactly the same way.

Onwards and upwards.

You can listen to the entire interview on iTunes, Acast and YouTube by clicking the links provided and you can check THIS article to find out how to listen.

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