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Fan Letters: “Thank you Ellis Short for your parting gift to Sunderland AFC!”

Sunderland are debt-free for the first time in years - should we be thankful to Ellis Short or is there still a sour taste? Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition.

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Dear Roker Report,

When news broke on Sunday about Chris Coleman’s sacking I felt extremely disappointed that he would not be given the chance to turn things round next season, and also wondered if this was because we had finally found a buyer especially after Mickey Gray hinted about an up and coming deal on TalkSport last week.

Sure enough, the next announcement that Short had agreed to sell the club swiftly followed. As much as Ellis Short was to blame for Sunderland’s demise, and he was accountable as owner, I don’t think it was ever down to the fact he didn’t care. He made some very poor decisions in terms of appointments, starting with De Fanti who bought any free agent available and stuck them on big wages and a long term contract.

The man has had some tremendous abuse from supporters and people in the media of late, some justified and a lot not. The fact he was able to put all this bad feeling against him to one side and wipe the clubs debt says a lot about the man and his character.

So thank you Chris, it didn’t quite work out but I’m sure this painful experience will make you a better manager, and thank you Ellis for your parting gift despite us being in League 1 come August - at least this gives us a fighting chance to at least restore pride again at the club.

Paul Cook

Ed’s Note [JN]: I agree. Ellis Short always had his heart in it and the best interests were paramount. He continued to fund losses, obstinately refusing to allow us to drop into administration and then paying off all debt proved that he is what he has always claimed - a fan.

His heart was always in it, ans possibly too much. hes a successful businessman who got decision after decision wrong.

Thanks Ellis, but thank gos this is over. lets move on and look ahead to an exciting rebuild.

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Dear Roker Report,

I’m a bit sad to see Chris Coleman leave.

I believe he thought we would stay up in the Championship for next season. He got rid of some players who had high wages and little passion for the club.

He didn’t rush in and buy players when he was appointment as manager, and instead he got loan players, which if we had stayed up the loan players would have gone back to their clubs and Chris could have brought the players he wanted in for the following season.

But, sadly, it didn’t work out that way.

Shane Cullen

Ed’s Note [JN]: I love Chris Coleman. I wish he could've stayed to lead us on during this rebuild, but it seems finances dictated against this.

I still have no doubt Coleman would've turned this around long-term but no man is bigger than the club. The history, culture and fandom will live on, and I'd take Coleman going if it guarantees our future. The club can finally move on debt free and rebuild with a long-term plan to bring the great times back again.

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