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ITHICS Fanzine: Sunderland takeover announcement is incoming! The good times are certainly ahead

With Stewart Donald’s takeover of the club set to be formalized in the coming days, it’s difficult not to feel a little excited. Burning questions of course remain, yet is this the dawn of a new era?

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The apparent due diligence by the English Football League into the takeover of the club by Stewart Donald is almost over, and the former Eastleigh FC chairman is expected to announce as such in the coming days.

If all goes to plan, is this all of our prayers and dreams answered in one fell swoop? In the two weeks since the takeover was announced, Mr Donald has been showered with praise by those connected with his former club, and he has shown himself in a pretty good light by his actions since the announcement.

Some of his public pronouncements, particularly aimed at those casting a sceptical eye over his transaction, have been classy. It’s been impressive to see someone prepared to speak out about his mission. He hasn’t hidden behind a cloak of anonymity, but has instead highlighted the pending the authorisation of the EFL.

When former Sunderland striker Lee Howey cast doubts on Mr Donald’s intentions the entrepreneur was very open, saying Howey was perfectly within his rights to criticise, but that he should see what unfolds before being too critical - a fair response.

Eastleigh v Northampton Town - Pre-Season Friendly
Seems a good bloke.
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This has a reminiscent feeling of when Niall Quinn led an Irish consortium to take over Bob Murray’s shares in the summer of 2007. The club had just been relegated to the second tier in ignominious circumstances and the last full-time manager of the Bob Murray era, Mick McCarthy also had little or no funds at his disposal. The new regime quickly appointed Roy Keane to lead us forward, and the good times rolled.

I don’t know why we were wringing our hands about all of this and last season! All we had to do was get rid of a malignant owner and replace him with someone with imagination, and all he has to do is appoint a legendary, driven, crazy fool to walk the title and we’ll soon be finishing in tenth in the Premier, just like them lot up the road.

Once the ratification comes through it should be a piece of cake. Not many questions remain - only “what happens to the reviled Martin Bain?”, “who will be the new manager?”, “which players will go/stay?” and “who will fill the executive roles at the club?”

These questions and many more will be answered in the coming days and weeks, which will make for more fascinating times in the life of our club.

I bet the tills are ringing in the season ticket office about now.

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