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Manager Hunt: We asked NINE ex-Sunderland players who they would pick, and responses were mixed

John Oster, Lee Howey, Paul Thirlwell, Darren Holloway, Danny Collins, Chris Makin, Andy Welsh, Nicky Summerbee and Chris Brown have all been chatting to Roker Report in light of Chris Coleman’s unexpected departure. Here’s who they think should now assume the managerial hotseat on Wearside...

AFC Fylde v Wigan Athletic - The Emirates FA Cup Second Round Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

John Oster

The takeover was a must. I don’t know much about the group who are taking over yet though! If what we read is true, bad guy Ellis has done something he didn’t have to do in leaving the club debt free, so however wrong he got things the irony is he’s done this gesture now he’s leaving - it’s a minor miracle really!

As for the new manager, there’s no point in getting someone who doesn’t have knowledge of English football, so I would rule out any kind of foreign manager unless they are able to spend plenty money like Wolves have done this year. They wouldn’t have won the league without the budget they had in my opinion.

As for a name, I’m not sure who would have been better than Coleman to be honest. He wanted the job and with funds for him to spend next season, I feel he would have been in a strong position to take Sunderland back up.

Millwall v Sunderland Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images

Chris Makin

The takeover is great news considering Mr Short paid off all the debt, leaving the investors a clean slate to start from. Unfortunately Chris Coleman’s position was included in the deal so a new manager needs to be appointed.

I would go for someone who has managed at this level and has a promotion on his CV. Paul Cook - who is assisted by Peter Reid - could be a good shout after achieving promotions with Portsmouth and now Wigan.

Chris Makin and John Piercy

Lee Howey

Whilst I am extremely happy with the news of a takeover and the parting gift from Ellis Short of clearing the debt, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Relieving Chris Coleman of his duties is a missed opportunity, as I’m sure given the resources and a clean slate Coleman could then have had a real good go at it. Obviously the new owners have their own person lined up. So who could it be?

Experienced pair of hands, or a new up and coming manager? My personal pick would be the latter, Paul Hurst of Shrewsbury, Nathan Jones of Luton or maybe even Michael Appleton who’s the assistant at Leicester just now.

They need a manager who knows the division - horses for courses. It’s welcome news, but the devil is in the detail.

Photo by Aubrey Washington/EMPICS via Getty Images

Paul Thirlwell

In terms of the takeover - if everything is as it should be - it’s the news we’ve all been waiting for to move the club forward again.

The new manager is a tough one though. Having worked for him and purely thinking if somehow Cardiff don’t go up, I would try and get my old gaffer Neil Warnock.

Everywhere he goes he gets results and he’d bring the squad together without taking any you know what.

Photo by Nigel French/EMPICS via Getty Images

Darren Holloway

It’s been a very eventful past few days!

I’m shocked at the initial news of Chris Coleman getting sacked, which I thought was harsh, but after the takeover it’s brought a sense of excitement which in truth is what we all need.

In terms of a manager, I’m sure there’s numerous names getting flung about out there but whoever it is I hope they get backed by the the board and fans so we can kick on and get promoted next season.

PS: There’s a canny manager up at Blyth Spartans and his assistant has links with SAFC!

Getty Images

Danny Collins

From the takeover point of view, it’s obviously what everyone wanted and is best for both parties.

Regarding Chris Coleman going, I am a little bit surprised. I thought he may have been given time for the start of next season, getting his own squad together and see how it went for the first five to ten games. But the new owners may have someone in mind, or simply just want a clean slate starting next season.

PA Images via Getty Images

Chris Brown

I’m sad to see Coleman leave, but the takeover is great news for the club.

I know it’s not completed yet, but it feels like the dark cloud has already lifted. It’s going to be a summer filled with excitement and optimism - just what everybody associated with Sunderland AFC has needed.

I’d like to see Mick McCarthy given the job. He’ll get the Stadium of Light bouncing again and I’ve no doubt that he will turn the club around.

Getty Images

Andy Welsh

I’m very disappointed to see Chris Coleman go to be honest, I know he’s not exactly pulled up any trees since coming in but for me any chance of stabalising the club would have came from giving a manager time to implement ideas and a plan to get the club back on track - surely Ellis Short promised this to Coleman?

In terms of anyone coming in Mick McCarthy is, for me, the best manager I’ve played under but would you want to go back with such uncertainty in certain areas?

I would like to see Kevin Ball back in at the higher end too. He speaks with passion, honesty and fight for the club. All these traits will be needed in a very tough division. I just hope it’s not a situation like at Sheffield Wednesday when they got relegated as they’ve never really recovered.

I love the club and I hate to see it this way. I hope the fans can cling to some light at the end of the tunnel in that the new owners should bring new belief - on and off the field.

Sunderland v Birmingham City Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Nicky Summerbee

I’d give the job to Mickey Gray and bring in Peter Reid as his assistant to be honest with you.

Mickey is a proper Sunderland fan, he was born close to the ground and he’s passionate about the club. He captained Sunderland and played for them at each level. He’d need guidance and people with experience around him, so that’s why I’d bring Peter Reid in with him. I think you need people who’s number one interest is Sunderland AFC.

The club needs to find the momentum again and bring the belief back.

It might take time, but I think with their dedication and passion they could do it!

Nicky Summerbee of Sunderland Getty Images

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