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Fan Letters: SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS - Sunderland’s fans are a credit to this football club!

“They deserve all the praise in the world, which unfortunately the stuck up morons in the national media don’t notice”, writes RR reader Louis Dinsdale. Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition.

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Dear Roker Report,

A lot has been said about the stay away fans this season and the drop in attendances at the Stadium of Light. I think every decent Sunderland fan can understand that each individual had their own reason for doing so and is perfectly justified. But for me, not enough has been said, understandably, about the fans who still go and have done all season.

The reported 27,000 who attend home games, the thousands who pack away ends out despite being slapped in the face every week.

These are the guys who have stood by the club in its darkest days, these are the fans that will hopefully carry us through League One next season, these guys have sold the club to Chris Coleman, and it will be those fans that will deserve it the most when the good days, someday, return. They deserve all the praise in the world, which unfortunately the stuck up morons in the national media don’t notice.

Louis Dinsdale

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I couldn’t agree more. I was in the away end yesterday and the supporters were an absolute credit to this football club. More focus needs to be placed on that I think.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I’m a Sunderland fan writing from the USA. I have admittedly only been a Sunderland fan for a few years and I’m still getting up to speed on the history of the club.

I was fortunate enough to have an app that let me watch the Leeds game. I know the result wasn’t what we wanted, I know the season hasn’t been what we wanted, but I came away from the game incredibly proud to be a Sunderland fan.

There were over 2k away fans at Leeds, traveling to see a team that will almost certainly be relegated at the lowest point in the our history for a long time. The 2k red and white fans were, for 90+ minutes, far louder than anyone else in the stadium. The announcers couldn’t stop praising the incredible support.

I know things are dark now, but I have faith we’ll be back because the heart of this club is in its amazing supporters. I’m proud to be one.

Max in Denver, Colorado, USA

Ed’s note [Gav]: It’s always great to hear from supporters that follow us from abroad, especially ones that have no real affinity with the area. It’d be great to hear from your again so you can tell us your story of how you ended up a Sunderland fan!

On your note re: the supporters, I echo your sentiments much like I do Louis’ in the letter above. Sunderland AFC’s proudest asset is the supporters that stick by it through thick and thin. Chris Coleman knows this and recognises the need to keep fans onside, but it’ll be tough for us to all move forward together if we’re relegated and have no new owner in the place in the summer. What is certain is that once the current hierarchy is gone, the supporters that love this football club dearly will remain.

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