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Roker Riches: The penultimate week - who can come out on top to win it this year?!

Sunderland’s season may be practically over but this season’s Roker Riches enters into the final few weeks, and with the race for the title hotting up our pundits will need to put their money where their mouths are in a bid to finish top of the pile.

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DISCLAIMER: This should have gone up before last night’s game - woops! All of the bets were placed by Friday morning, so just go along with it and pretend. Ta.

Why did we not see the inevitable coming? Of course Sunderland were always going to lose to Burton bloody Albion!

The only one of us who didn’t back a resounding victory for the lads was Connor, although he didn’t predict a defeat, he knew that Darren Bent would have his revenge. That £50 bet, along with another half a century on Birmingham to beat Sheffield United, raked in a £200 profit for our RRTV co-host. Just like Sunderland’s mini-revival of a few weeks back, it’s probably too little too late given he’s still over £200 in debt.

It’s all to play for at the top though. Dan is less than £30 behind Gav and could steal the title at the last minute, winning not just money but the crown of Roker Report’s greatest gambler. Granted, that’s like been given the Sunderland Player Of The Year award in 2018 but still, it’s an award all the same.

The Table...

The Banker’s Bonus...

If Stoke can beat Liverpool the banker will gift each pundit with a risk free £20 bet for the last week of Roker Riches.

Our Picks...

Walshie - @Walshie409

Sunderland to win: We’re getting relegated and we’re going to burn the Championship down as we go. And we’re 17/1, lol. £4 returns £72.

Manchester United to win by 3 or more: A truly fitting way to wave off Arsene Wenger. £5 returns £32.50.

Gav - @Gav1879

Fulham v Sunderland over 3.5 goals, 10/11: Like last week I see little point in going in with a big bet on Sunderland, particularly since this is a nailed on home win. £1 returns £1.91.

Fourfold: Burnley, Luton, Athletico Madrid and Wigan all to win. £20 returns £219.26.

Rory - @RoryFallow

Paddy McNair to score any time: He’s our only quality player and he’s on a canny goalscoring run. Fulham will beat us but McNair might fancy his chances against a defence that have conceded 42 goals this season. £5 returns £42.50.

Arsenal to beat Manchester United: It’s Big Weng’s last trip to Old Trafford and wouldn’t he just love to leave with a parting shot at Jose? 13/2 is pretty decent odds too, so that clinches it for me. £5 returns £37.50.

Danny - @DJRoberts22

Fulham v Sunderland - Fulham to win 2-0: A ‘spirited’ performance that ends in a loss, with a couple of youngsters making an impression. £3 returns £22.50.

Wigan, Newcastle and Burnley to win: All these homes sides should be ending good seasons with an easy home victory. £10 returns £61.87.

Connor - @ConnorBromley

Fulham win and over 3.5 goals: I am making a big push to win the Roker Riches. This resurrection will be greater than the Poyet great escape in 2014! £50 returns £105.

Stoke to beat Liverpool: Go hard or go home! Stoke need to win. Liverpool are worrying about Roma next week. This clearly means Stoke will win and begin their own great escape. £50 returns £450.

Graham - @AsylumDoors

Fulham to win by 2.5 or more: This Friday’s result is a foregone conclusion, I fancy the Cottagers to hit us by three or four. £10 returns £38.

Liverpool, Luton & St. Johnstone to win: Liverpool are irresistible and they won’t trip up after last week’s blip at the Hawthorns, Luton should get past FGR (sorry for being anti-vegan for once) and my mate supports Thistle and they are guff. £20 returns £91.48.

Dan Parker - @DGP202

Sunderland to lose and over 3.5 goals: This isn’t exactly Rocket science. £20 returns £42.

Fourfold: Going to copy at least one of Gav’s bets now I’m so close to him in the table. Burnley, Luton, Atletico Madrid and Wigan all to win. £20 returns £219.26.

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