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Fan Letters: “Bad times don’t last forever - Let’s celebrate being proud Sunderland supporters!”

“There’s a saying that when life throws you a lemon, make lemonade, so let’s make lemonade and look forward not backwards!” says RR reader Lynn Wood. Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition.

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Dear Roker Report,

First off, I think Roker Report is a splendid forum for all things Sunderland and I really admire the way you always try to be upbeat, which has certainly helped me keep going lately!

My partner has supported Sunderland since the Roker Park days and witnessed the first descent into the third tier, and I got my season ticket out just before the arrival of Peter Reid, so we both have rode the roller coaster of being a Sunderland supporter.

We have renewed our tickets for the next season (before it was certain which league we would be in) because it’s what a supporter does.

We are being moved out of the Premier Concourse, we’ve taken that on the chin too, its no big deal, though I would prefer to see it filled to the rafters.

I disagree with the notion of boycotting the last home game of the season - the Club is up for sale and if we really want someone new in to take over then we have got to show them that our supporters are the biggest asset the Club has, and are worth investing in.

We should show up in our thousands on Sunday 6th May and celebrate the end of a bad era, heralding what can only be a better and brighter future and thumb our noses to all those who have laughed at our downfall.

I also think that Mr Coleman should be given the chance to turn the football club around - to be offered and given a job without any guidance or support from your employer is a horrible position to be in and he has my admiration for sticking it out.

There’s a saying that when life throws you a lemon, make lemonade, so let’s make lemonade and look forward not backwards. Sunderland till I die!

Lynn Wood

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I admire your optimism Lynn, you’ve got that die-hard attitude towards the club that not many others have these days. I’ll be honest, once this season is out of the way I know for a fact I’ll see League One for the opportunity that it is, and with the current regime aggressively trying to push through a sale I can’t help but hope that we’ll be sat here in the summer with new owners at the helm.

Bad times don’t last forever, as the old saying goes.

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