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Fan Letters: “Angry Sunderland fans must stop dwelling on the past - focus on the future, FFS!”

“The crap that has been served to us this hasn’t ruined my weekends. Life is too short” says Roker Report reader Adam Holmes. Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Some of my fellow Sunderland fans are giving me a headache.

The club have been relegated. We have known that this outcome looked likely for a while now. It comes as no surprise - let’s move on.

The people that are running the club have made mistakes. Nobody is perfect. The Chairman wants out. Martin Bain has a hard job and is struggling to keep the club together - fine, let’s move on.

A more reliable goalkeeper and an experienced forward may have helped to keep us up. We have had a lot of injuries. The manager struggles to influence games with his poor timing of substitutions - fine, okay, please let’s move on.

We must adjust our mindset right now.

We’ve been relegated... no, we have the opportunity to rebuild, to come back stronger and be a better football club.

This season we’ve seen some of our encouraging youth players getting a chance in the first team. Off the pitch we’ve seen our fans coming together and forming new movement groups. Under 8’s season cards are free for the next three years. The term of that f*cking shit football strip is coming to an end. We have to look ahead, not backwards.

Let’s encourage our team. Let’s look forward to next season. Enjoy spending your time with friends and family during the summer.

The crap that has been served to us this hasn’t ruined my weekends. Life is too short.

Adam Holmes

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I see where you’re coming from - there are more important things in life to stress over than football. But still... you can surely see why people feel so passionate and angry about the direction we’re taking? Things like Under 8s season cards being free is fantastic, but it doesn’t distract from the utter farce going on behind the scenes. Until that path is clear, people will continue to speculate and worry about out future - as is only natural considering the circumstances.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Keep the faith, Sunderland fans. We had problems in the 80s with The Bhatti Brothers taking over at Wolves. They didn’t last long. Your club is a massive one. Stick with them.

We are coming up on the 4th May, staying at the Lemonfield Guesthouse on the seafront for my boyfriend’s birthday and I would love to surprise him with tickets for the game.

He’s always talking about them and is a very proud Wolves fan and will tell anyone who’ll listen to him! He’s followed Wolves since 1979. Yep div 4..... We can’t get any tickets whatsoever. Is there anyone who can help me out, please?

We will be pleased to help you out with any protest as we had clubs help us out when in dire straits. Hope you can help me out please, and don’t forget that football is a way of life.

Jules Hulme

We had a fair few people get in touch offering their tickets to Wolves fans after yesterday’s article went live - so again, if anyone can help Jules and her husband out please get in touch!

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