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Fan Letters: “Drunken Darron Gibson was right - most of Sunderland’s players don’t give a toss!”

Roker Report reader Marc Wild summarises the sh*t show we’ve had to endure this season, and Jake Collinson wonders if we’re better off boycotting our last home game or using it as a chance to indignantly display our passion. Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition.

Bury v Sunderland - Carabao Cup First Round Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I can see both sides of the argument regarding a boycott for the Wolves game. After all, without sounding stupid here but it’s been a clusterfuck after clusterfuck of a season for us.

I do not believe for one second that any one associated with the club, that includes myself, the fans, the players, the board, yourselves & Mr Short himself envisioned that we would be a League One club come end of the 17/18 season.

Those angry with how the season has panned out, I can see why they think a boycott would work. It depends on how large of a scale they wish to do it on, also if there is a demonstration to act with the boycott as well, let’s say a massive section of people standing outside the west stand with banners and such. It could show the board how they feel (if we haven’t done so all season).

Then you look at the reasons to NOT boycott the game: it’s our last game of the season (at home no less). Surely the best way to show appreciation to the ones that deserve it would be to be there to cheer them on - we know the ones who have cared. They are your Gooch’s, your Honeyman’s & hell even your Donald Love’s. We need to show them that despite the predicament we find ourselves in, Ellis Short will never defeat the spirit of the Sunderland fans.

Keep that red flag flying high, as much as we can lads.

Jake Collinson

Ed’s Note [Alex]: You’ve summarized both sides of the argument very concisely there, Jake, and in light of those cases made for either side I reckon we’re better off leaning toward the latter.

Whilst a boycott and/or demonstration would certainly make a statement, it’s a message that would most likely fall on deaf ears given the level of apathy Short has already shown toward the club he owns. Like you said, the players who’ve actually given a toss about Sunderland this season deserve their support and an incentive to stay with us next season - a strong attendance figure and a vocal home contingent would do just that.

Dear Roker Report,

There has been not one word from Ellis Short recently - no apologies for this sh*t we have had to watch and, more annoyingly, not one player has came out and talked about how the fans have been let down again.

Our wage bill sits at around £35 million this year - unbelievable. Three goalkeepers that are undoubtedly the worst group in the club’s history, strikers who could not hit a barn yard door, and the rest - they’re injury-prone or just generally useless, taking the piss out of fans.

How right was Darron Gibson with his drunken rant at the start of the season? Most of the players do not give a toss.

When does the woe end?

Marc Wild

Ed’s Note [Alex]: Yeah, Gibson’s alcohol-fuelled tirade is starting to seem like it was a very ominous premonition indeed. The majority of our squad is fundamentally flawed in one way or another, so maybe the blueprint for a double relegation was there from the very beginning.

I’m also wondering when we as fans are going to stop hurting - I suppose the only answer is if/when serious change is brought about in the summer, and when I say ‘serious’ change, I mean the type of overhaul that dwarfes all other instances by comparison.

We need a new owner and a recruitment strategy which can consolidate our financial situation whilst bringing in new faces and getting rid of the deadwood. It won’t be easy, but it’s just going to have to happen.

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