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Roker Riches: Sunderland to hump lowly Reading & both teams to score is 5/1 - worth a few quid?

We might be going down but the last four performances have shown that we’re going to do it swinging - and with Reading virtually safe, we might be able to catch them off guard. HAWAY!

Roker Riches!
Roker Report & Dafabet

Say it quietly, but I think our gamblers have found their form again.

Last week each player had a free £20 to use on whatever they desired, which Dan took full advantage of. Placing an each way bet on Rickie Fowler to win the US Masters netted Dan a delightful £205, putting him right back in the running for top spot.

There were some scenes at the bottom of our leaderboard too, as Danny managed to drag himself out of debt with £80’s worth of profit. Graham, Tom and especially Connor still have work to do if they want to get out of the red though - let’s see if they can do it this week.

The Table...

The Banker’s Bonus...

If Sunderland come away from Reading with a win and a clean sheet, the banker will give each player a free £5 double on the FA Cup semi finals.

Our Picks...

Walshie - @Walshie409

Sunderland to win by 2 or more: Sunderland are the greatest football club ever to grace planet Earth and Reading are a bunch, shot-shy, fraud jobbers. £3 return £28.50.

Baie Des Iles to win the Grand National: In a show of family unity, r’kid Katie Walsh is going to romp home to win the National. I wanted to put a bet on a riderless horse crossing the line first but apparently that isn’t a thing. £2 returns £34.

Gav - @Gav1879

Sunderland to win and BTTS, 5/1: Dafabet have priceboosted this one and it’s a decent little bet. We’ve looked quite good recently and look capable of winning, but simply cannot defend. £20 returns £120.

Burnley, Cardiff & Fulham to win: Having lost to Newcastle last week I fancy Leicester to slip up again in a tricky away game at Burnley, whilst Cardiff and Fulham look driven and motivated in the Championship promotion race. £10 returns £105.66.

Rory - @RoryFallow

Sunderland to win and BTTS: I genuinely think we’ll win, I really do. Even though Reading have only managed two shots on target in their last five games, we still won’t keep a clean sheet though. £5 returns £30.

Bournemouth to beat Liverpool: I know, I know. The Cherries are 12/1 though and that’s just ridiculous. I need to take a risk if I want to win, so hopefully Liverpool rest a few players and are only worrying about the Champions League. £10 returns £130.

Danny - @DJRoberts22

Reading v Sunderland - Sunderland to win: I’m torn between a 1-1 draw and a scrappy Sunderland win. I’ll go for the latter, as we need to give false hope again. £3 returns £10.

Luton, Manchester United & Nottingham Forest to win: I’m risking it with the Forest - Ipswich game, but both are out of form and Forest should have the advantage at home. The other two should be home bankers. £10 returns £32.07.

Connor - @ConnorBromley

Reading to beat Sunderland: Just put us out of our misery. £10 returns £23.

Burnley, Palace and Liverpool to win: Burnley are a decent outfit and are always a good home bet. Palace take on Brighton at home so should win and Liverpool will easily put Bournemouth away. £10 returns £62.64.

Graham - @AsylumDoors

Sunderland to win, 21/10: we’ve done alright recently and sadly not been able to add more than the one win we pulled off against derby, so we’ll play shite and nick a win this weekend surely? £5 returns £15.50.

Fourfold: Burnley are good at home, Liverpool are on a high, West Bromwich Albion are shit so Manchester United will beat them and Hertha Berlin are due a win. £5 returns £38.50.

Dan Parker - @DGP202

Reading vs Sunderland, over 2.5 goals: I’m guessing at least three of these will be scored by Reading. £5 returns £9.25.

Seven team acca: This week I’m going for Juve, Atletico, Athletic Bilbao, Man Utd, Liverpool, Wolves, and Lyon to win. But I wish I could bet on golf again! £10 returns £83.19.

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