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Sunderland’s pathetic, gutless players are waving the white flag and look like they’ve given up

“The pathetic bunch of w*nkers that adorn the strip I’d give a limb to wear don’t deserve our sympathy, or patience.”

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Having had “they’ve played well recently but haven’t been able to get wins” rammed down our throats all week I was expecting something other than a meek surrender when I sat down to watch last night’s drubbing at the hands of an Aston Villa team filled with our rejects. And I mean no disrespect to Aston Villa, but that just shows how far this club has fallen very quickly.

What a shambles. What an absolute farce.

We’re told these players care, and that losing and failing hurts them. Does it? Does it really?

I’m sorry but this bunch of sorry losers don’t look remotely bothered by the fact this club is sinking like a ship, and it’s f*cking infuriating.

There are players in Chris Coleman’s squad who know for a fact that regardless of what happens, they’re gone in two months when the season ends anyways.

Ashley Fletcher ought to be ashamed of himself. He looks and plays like a man who knows his career is rapidly going to sh*t and doesn’t appreciate the opportunity that he has to prove himself here. I can’t believe I am saying this, but we’d seriously have been better off with James Vaughan - he’s that poor, and I can’t believe that we worked ourselves into a position where we were scrambling around to get this lad through the door on deadline day.

Our ‘experienced’ performers are just as culpable too. Lee Cattermole and John O’Shea are finished and the pair of them need to get as far away from Sunderland as possible once this season ends and they’ve played their part in back-to-back relegations. I don’t doubt their intentions are good and that they’re respected by the coaching team and management, but it’s horrendous watching them plod their way through games, pointing and shouting like they know what to do. I was called out in September for suggesting that they were part of the issue at Sunderland and that fresh leadership is needed if we’re ever to rid ourselves of this terrible losing mentality, but surely nobody can seriously argue that their presence both on and off the pitch is helping us.

There are countless others too that need to be pinpointed for not taking ownership of this situation on the pitch. There are plenty of players there that should not be struggling in a team at the bottom of the Championship. Aiden McGeady, Callum McManaman, Tyias Browning, Lamine Kone, Bryan Oviedo, Billy Jones, Lee Camp, Jason Steele - I’m looking at you.

Where’s the personal pride? Is this genuinely their best effort? Come off it.

I wouldn’t wish Chris Coleman’s job on my worst enemy and I just hope he’s not thinking about walking away from this almighty mess. He’s the last bit of hope we’ve got.

I’m resigned to relegation to League One now, regardless of what happens from here. In the past I’ve been confident we might have enough about us to dig in and scrape survival, but not this time.

The pathetic bunch of w*nkers that adorn the strip I’d give a limb to wear don’t deserve our sympathy, or patience, and I simply will not allow them to determine my relationship with this football club.

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