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Roker Riches: Sunderland HAVE to win soon, right?! We’re 11/2 with the bookies to beat Derby!

Surely our awful run of form has to end soon?

Dafabet Roker Riches!

Much like the team they support, the form of our gamblers does not look like it’s going to turn around any time soon.

Two of the lads (Walshie & Graham) managed to rake in a few pennies last week but that was only just over a tenner. Not good enough.

Maybe we need to start betting against Sunderland. Saying that, there’s no value in backing the opposition since the odds are always massively in their favour. If Sunderland can win even just one more time, it will make our balances look a whole lot healthier, which is as good a reason as any to get behind them.

The Table...

The Banker’s Bonus...

The banker is going to keep this offer rolling until Sunderland manage a win. He still feels confident they won’t though so he’s offering each player a free £20 bet on whatever they like, should SAFC leave the East Midlands with all three points.

Our Picks...

Walshie - @Walshie409

Sunderland to win: Just to give us a nice slab of false hope just before Sheffield Wednesday beat us 2-0 on Monday. £5 returns £35.

Sixfold: Birmingham, Man United, Burnley, Portsmouth, Schalke and Bayern Munich all to win. £2 returns £87.80.

Gav - @Gav1879

Sunderland to win: I’m copying Walshie here. I think Sunderland are going to do that thing they are capable of occasionally and will win right out of the blue, a bit like when we were doomed going into the Palace game last season but turned them over 4-0 anyways. £5 returns £35.

Fourfold: Manchester City, Wolves, Blackburn and Accrington all to win. £10 returns £175.

Rory - @RoryFallow

Sunderland to win: I might as well join in with this ridiculous false hope. £5 returns £35.

Burnley to beat West Brom & over 2.5 goals: West Brom are so bad that a hardworking Burnley team will just have to do the basics to win comfortably. Remind you of anyone? £5 returns £30.

Danny - @DJRoberts22

Derby v Sunderland - Derby to win: Need I say more? £3 returns £4.60.

Cardiff, Bristol Rovers and West Ham all to win: I’m risking it a little with The Hammers, but the rest should be home bankers. £10 returns £80.50.

Bromley - @connorbromley

Ashley Fletcher to score anytime: Hey I am losing anyway. Why not? £5 returns £25.

Everton to beat City: I love Big Sam and I know he will have his team up for this one. City will be concentrating on the Champions League so may take their eye off Everton. £5 returns £45.

Graham - @AsylumDoors

Sunderland to win 1-0: I don’t actually think we’ll win this at all, but Derby love a good bottling and we love the occasional false hope... and it’s decent odds. £5 returns £85.50.

Arsenal, Man. United, Juventus, Leverkusen, Bayern, Schalke, Feyenoord, Hibs, Hearts, Frankfurt, Athletico, Lyon and Besiktas to win: I wasn’t too far off my 11-team accumulator last time, so I’m ambitious again with a 13-team acca. £1 returns £322.65.

Dan Parker - @DGP202

Over 3.5 goals Sunderland v Derby: And I’m going to guess that at least four of them will be scored by Derby... £4 returns £13.

La Liga threefold: Going for both Madrid teams to win, as well as Athletic Bilbao. Gonna put £20 on it because why not. £20 returns £68.13.

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