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Niall Quinn finally speaks about Sunderland takeover rumours, & unfortunately it’s NOT good news

Former Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn has spoken publicly for the first time since rumours of a potential takeover of the club emerged last week.

Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

After days of intense speculation, Niall Quinn has spoken to Irish news agency RTÉ about his alleged role in a potential takeover of the club from wantaway chairman, Ellis Short.

Rumours in recent days have stated that Quinn is acting as an intermediary for a potential deal between and several prospective buyers and Ellis Short - now residing in Florida. However, today’s news will dampen spirits across the Wearside-supporting world as Sir Niall suggested he actively isn’t involved in any such deal.

When asked about the speculation, Quinn stated:

Not true. Sadly someone jumped the gun there a little bit and probably felt I was doing more.

I was actually in Sunderland a couple of times but it was nothing to do with football and maybe that’s where it came from.

Quinn did go on to discuss the perilous situation in which the club currently finds itself, acknowledging that something does indeed have to change:

At the same time I, like everybody else, hopes the situation gets better there very quickly.

There are one or two people who are meant to be interested in buying the club, I hear all that. I’m the same as the fans but we’ll just see how it plays.

No, I’ve nothing special to tell you there, I just hope they get out of it.

That being said, for those of us still clutching at any straw we can find, his final comment wasn’t exactly definite:

I’m gone six years now so I haven’t left anything behind me in terms of my support for the club. I’d like to see it turned around, I just don’t think it’s going to be me.

So, you’re telling us there’s a chance?! Someone order the flowers for Mrs. Quinn, as soon as possible!

Alas, all joking aside, Sir Niall doesn’t look to be embarking upon his magical carpet anytime soon, though his comments about people being interested in the club are definitely positive. Here’s hoping things get better off the field as we continue to battle for our lives on it.

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