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Roker Rapport TV: #4 - Reminiscing about the good old days

Join the Bromley brothers for episode four of ‘Roker Rapport TV’ as they discuss all things Sunderland AFC and look back at happier times supporting the club. Don’t forget to subscribe!

Roker Rapport TV

What are we talking about this week on Roker Rapport TV?

  • We take a look at some of our favourite Stadium of Light memories of the last 10 years...
  • A new show guest is introduced in the form of a Jack Rodwell ‘swear jar’...
  • Who should England take to the World Cup?
  • Last weekend’s game and the stupidity of Jake Clarke-Salter...
  • Just why are we persisting with young players on loan from other teams instead of playing our own?
  • Should Joel Asoro be starting up front on his own?

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