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Fan Letters: “Nothing has changed - Chris Coleman is not the answer for Sunderland next season!”

“Nothing has changed this season and at least under Sam these gutless wonders showed some heart and soul. Sorry Chris, but we need some one stronger”, says RR reader Mark Wild. Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition.

Middlesbrough v Sunderland - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Chris Coleman is not the answer for next season; his player management is woeful, there seems to be no control over and discipline of his players. Gibson, Williams, Rodwell, et al. The attitudes of certain players is simply not good enough. For example, take Adam Matthews shying out of tackles last week, Coleman is no Di Canio and needs to show more spirit and fight in his interviews.

Nothing has changed this season and at least under Sam these gutless wonders showed some heart and soul. Sorry Chris, but we need some one stronger. We need a Kevin Ball or Keano type to shake this club up and get the deadwood out. It is time for radical change.

Mark Wild

Ed’s note: Thanks for your email Mark, but unfortunately I cannot disagree more. What did Di Canio change? This rot had set in long before he arrived and left with his managerial reputation rightfully in tatters.

I’d love to see Kevin Ball finally respected by the club enough not to be left meeting fans and promoting self-pouring pints, but it’ll simply not happen.

Coleman managed to turn around a mentally fragile set of Wales players arguably at their nadir after Gary Speed’s death. Our side is just as fragile and mentally weak now. I for one firmly believe he is the man who can rid the club of our current culture behind the scenes.

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Dear Roker Report,

As another exiled fan I read with interest the email from Matthew Wilson. It is amazing how we seem to keep relatively cheerful.

I am a Sunderland boy and season ticket holder based in London and still travel to matches, although I have to admit that this season has been by some distance the worst in memory.

The amazing thing for me is how nobody in the south apportions any blame to David Moyes for our current plight. People even seem to feel sorry for him that he ever took on such a poisoned chalice job.

I find that staggering, quite frankly.

I am not suggesting for one minute that the club is anything other than a total shambles from top to bottom. We all recognise this.

However, less than two years ago, I attended the Sunderland v Chelsea game at The Stadium of Light, when we beat the champions 3-2. I have never experienced an atmosphere like it and we then went on to beat Everton 3-0 to secure safety.

Our form after Christmas under Big Sam was that of a mid-table side and we did so well he got the England job. Enter David Moyes. Failed in his previous two jobs and fortunate to get another Premier League job so soon after these failures.

From the moment he walked in it was obvious he didn't want to be there. After our second match he stated that we were in a relegation fight .

He said he had no money to spend but wasted over £20million on Papadodgy [sic] and Ndong and yet refused to sign Yedlin and M’Vila who were desperate to sign having been part of our team in the previous four months and would have cost a total of £10million. Isn't it strange that he declined to sign Ndong on loan for West Ham in January for nothing?! He even had the good fortune to inherit a superior goalkeeper than Big Sam had the previous season.

He signed injury prone has-beens from Everton and refused to pick Khazri and yet he still blames everyone else for the club’s demise.

The Scotsman then walks into another Premier League job with West Ham. Amazing! I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes them down as well, and if he does you can be sure it wont be his fault.

End of rant!

Keep the faith. Looking forward to a weekend in Accrington next season!

Nigel Jackson

Ed’s note: I agree, Nigel. Moyes is most certainly responsible for a large part of last season’s disaster. It’s the first time I have willingly neglected to go to a game at the SoL, I just couldn’t do it. His negativity exuded around the place like a bad smell - or a “Ghowst of Roker” perhaps?

However, he didn’t just not want to be here. He took it upon his rather large chip on his shoulder that HE was doing US a favour by simply turning up. His arrogance held no limits and is nothing but a managerial charlatan. Here’s hoping he takes West Ham and that ridiculous stadium with them.

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