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Fan Letters: Another idea for Sunderland fan protest; turn our backs on the pitch during a game?

With the topic of protest very much still on the lips of Sunderland supporters, Roker Report readers have been inundating us with their ideas for what they’d like to do. Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition.

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Dear Roker Report,

I just wanted to wish your club good luck in finding some new owners soon.

Something needs to be done to get Sunderland back on a even keel and back to financial stability - some of the wages being payed to below par players are obscene and are a result of horrendous mismanagement.

My club - Bolton Wanderers - are in the process of sorting out the mess left behind from years of living above their means. It has been a tough few seasons for us but there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and I promise you that the good times will come back soon to Sunderland - I’m sure of it.

Lez Hignett

Ed’s note: Thanks for taking the time to get in touch Lez, it’s appreciated. I have to say, I admire the way that Bolton have actually kicked on having lost Gary Madine in January - the complete opposite to how Sunderland have coped since losing our top scorer.

I think the one crumb of hope I take from Bolton’s situation is that you managed promotion from League One whilst operating on a shoe-string budget. We’ve probably got the same issue facing us next season, and it’s more about bringing in the right characters as opposed to names for us, but it depends entirely on how much investment the owner is prepared to make.

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Dear Roker Report,

As a lifelong supporter and season ticket holder for 25 years I am at the end of my tether.

Can I firstly say that I don’t want to to go over old ground - everything has been well covered by Roker Report this year. I agree and share everyone’s frustrations.

I was so pee’d off after the Villa game that I did not go to watch us play Preston - the first time I’ve ever done that (other than for holidays and family commitments).

I don’t think that I will return this season and at the moment will not be renewing for the inevitable third division slog next year.

However, I am writing to make a suggestion as to what us supporters can do to protest against the current “leadership” of our great club. At every home game until Short and Bain bugger off, what about all standing up in silence and turn our back on the pitch for a minute at a designated time. This can be followed by all fans chanting for a minute supporting the club. I would suggest the 73rd minute but with current performances the ground would probably be empty by then, so what about after 10 minutes to represent the years (I think) Short has owned and ruined the club?

Just a thought.

Graeme Broderick

Ed’s note: There have been many valid protest ideas put forward to us and this is another interesting one. I’ll pass it to the Red & White Army ahead of their meeting this evening, in which protest ideas are likely to be discussed.

I’m certainly behind protest provided it makes sense, there’s a common goal and there’s an appetite amongst the supporters to get involved. Sadly I feel that people are just so fed up at the minute that any idea for protest mightn’t get the volume of support it requires.

The RAWA are holding an open meeting tonight, 7pm at the Peacock (Sunderland) - get yourself along
Red And White Army

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