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Darron Gibson saga brings further shame and embarrassment on Sunderland & their loyal supporters

Just when you thought that it couldn’t possibly get any worse, Darron Gibson strikes with the most ridiculous act of foolishness shown by a Sunderland player this season.

Darron Gibson being arrested

Just when you thought that your misery as a Sunderland supporter cannot possibly get any worse, one of our most experienced players - former Manchester United and Everton midfielder Darron Gibson - manages to get himself into trouble after crashing his Mercedes into multiple parked vehicles in a residential area, finding himself arrested on drink-driving charges just hours before yesterday’s game with Preston North End.

Another despicable, maddening act brought about by a man that really should know better.

A statement released this morning on reads;

Sunderland AFC has suspended Darron Gibson with immediate effect, after the player was charged with driving with excess alcohol on Saturday 17 March.

The football club has commenced a full investigation into the matter.

Sunderland AFC’s chief executive, Martin Bain said: “We expect the highest standard of behaviour from our players and should any individual fall short of those standards then robust action must be taken.”

It’s an incredibly tough time to be a Sunderland supporter, and it feels like with each passing week there’s a new drama unfolding involving the football club. Gibson has been idiotic, thoughtless and irresponsible, and I have no doubt that he’ll pay the price.

Under Employment Law the club are duty obliged to suspend Gibson on full pay until an investigation is performed, but I don’t doubt it’ll likely be a short process.

He’s a coward - a spineless idiot, the latest in a long line of men that have brought shame upon this once great football club and the supporters that put their hearts and souls into supporting it.

On the pitch there’s no doubting that Gibson has contributed this season, and I was really looking forward to having him back in the team in a couple of weeks upon his return from the groin injury that has kept him out for almost three months.

But, his stupidity likely means we’ve seen the last of him in a Sunderland shirt - and good riddance.

The sooner this season ends the better. We can, once and for all, be rid of these no-hopers that embarrass us both on and on the pitch on what feels like a weekly occurrence.

Taking football out of the equation here, what he’s allegedly done is quite remarkable. Speeding in a residential area is complete madness, but to be over the limit is beyond that.

Thank God there was nobody in any of the cars he hit, or we could be talking about something far, far worse.

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