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Chris Coleman commits future to Sunderland - even if the worst happens he’ll be here next season

Chris Coleman met with a supporters group earlier this week - and, according to people who were in attendance, he confirmed that he’ll be Sunderland’s manager next season “even if the worst happens”.

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Sunderland manager Chris Coleman has committed his future to Sunderland “even if the worst happens” according to people that attended a meeting between the club and supporters on Tuesday afternoon.

There have (quite rightly) been murmurings recently amongst supporters that are worried that, in the event of relegation, the former Wales boss will walk away from the Wearsiders - but he apparently put to bed those rumours during his chat with the Senior Citizens group earlier this week.

With the club teetering on the edge of the abyss, fears that Sunderland’s uncertain future coupled with a lack of communication from owner Ellis Short would see Coleman grow frustrated and walk away, but according to messages online he’s played that down and has admitted that irregardless of what happens he’ll still be our manager next season.

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The message - which originated on popular Sunderland forum ReadyToGo - was from a poster who was present at the meeting between the senior citizens organisation, Bain and Coleman.

The poster said, “(he) absolutely loves it here (as does his family) and in his words - he is not just passing through, even if the worst happens he’ll still be here next season”, before he was later backed up by another poster that also attended the meeting that said “Coleman is sticking to this task whatever happens; even the unthinkable”.

The second forum member also confirmed that Coleman still hadn’t spoken to Sunderland owner Ellis Short, and had conceded that things will not rapidly improve at the club until new ownership can be found.

The ex-Fulham gaffer arrived on Wearside in November, immediately endearing himself to the supporters after proving himself to be calm and considered in front of the cameras and on the touchline.

Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

Despite the initial promise, Coleman’s side have slowly declined back to their usual standards and whilst the goals continue to flood in at one end, they’ve dried up considerably at the other.

That said, the majority of Sunderland supporters hold Coleman in an incredibly high regard, and recognise that whilst he’s been unable to drastically improve our fortunes, he walked into an almighty mess and wasn’t given the funds nor the tools to adequately strengthen his squad when the chance was there for us to do so.

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