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Fan Letters: Let’s fill the SoL with Sunderland fans - Cheaper tickets and let kids in for free!

“This offer will bring the club closer to the fans and at least it’s doing something”, says RR reader Graham Judd. Got something to say? Email us: - we’ll include your message in the next edition.

Rotherham United v Sunderland - Pre-Season Friendly Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Okay, the club is in such a mess we can’t afford to buy players and priority away from the playing side is to restrict expenditure through players wages, which are by far the greatest expense the club has. So what else can we do to transform results on the pitch, if its not invest in the players on it?

Well, I’m making a plea to Mr Bain and Co, let’s create a 12th man by increasing our attendances at home games, by offering children free access and hugely reduced entrance fees to entice our supporters to comeback for the final run in of the season.

Face it, if we go down the club will lose even greater revenue than they would by reducing tickets and free entry for kids for the final games. Let’s get everyone on board with the greatest escape, fill the stadium, create an awesome atmosphere and when we do survive, all those kids who witnessed it will want to comeback.

If it fails, we are in no worse position then if we didn’t try it. This offer will bring the club closer to the fans and at least it’s doing something.

Coleman and his merry band of kids deserve as much support as possible to get us out of this. Remember when Man City were relegated and were getting more supporters than ever, lets beat that and show the world that Sunderland is a great club, with the greatest fans, no matter how bad we play or what league we are in.

P.S Brilliant fanzine and supporters site!

Graham Judd

Ed’s note: First of all Graham, thanks for your kind words about the site - we appreciate all of our readers and like to think that we provide them with something a little different to the conventional Fanzines/Newspapers, so it’s always good to hear from people like yourself.

I think your point is a fantastic one, and one that I’ve discussed over the last day or so amongst the other Roker Report writers. The Stadium looks awful half-full and whilst I can’t blame people for not turning out, it just seems a massive waste having all of those empty seats when there are plenty of kids across the region that would appreciate a free day out. Granted, it’ll p*ss off some of the people that have paid hard-earned money to secure their seat but we have to concede that a fuller stadium will only help the team to earn more of those precious wins between now and the end of the season.

Sunderland v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

I’ve been thinking about this since Leeds released their new badge and after listening to the reasons behind the change, what are your thoughts on a new stadium and badge for Sunderland AFC?

Now I know we have only had both for 20 years but when I think of our time at the Stadium of Light, I truly don’t have many happy memories in all honesty. I could most likely count them on two hands, which is horrendous for the time spent there and the amount of games played! But if we did build a new Stadium for a new era, where would a new Stadium be situated in Sunderland? I’m not sure where a good location would be.

My thoughts on a badge change would only happen with a change of Stadium so they could coincide with one another, but at least one thing to remove from our current badge in my opinion would be the Latin ‘Consectatio Excellentiae’ which means ‘In the pursuit of excellence’ which we will never find because the club has been so badly run, and even more so since $hort took charge, but that’s a whole different matter which I won’t get into now, it’ll only get me extremely p**sed off!

Hope to hear back from you,

Alexander Mustard

Ed’s note: Hi Alex - a new stadium?! We can barely afford to put twenty pence in the light man! And the badge... I actually quite like it, and think that though it’ll never be as good as the old ship badge, it’s still a nice crest that does a good job of displaying Sunderland’s heritage.

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