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ITHICS Fanzine: Dare to Dream; Is it unreasonable to suggest that Sunderland fans buy the club?

Ellis Short is prepared to give Sunderland away - provided, of course, the new owner takes on the club debt. Would suggesting that Sunderland fans get together and buy the club be a completely unreasonable suggestion?

A general view of fans in the stands
Sunderland AFC via Getty Images

It’s seems like every couple of weeks we get a heartening 3-3 draw against the odds - a plucky come-back against all expectations, garnering more hope than the team ever deserved.

Trouble is, the odd plucky draw set against two or three morale-sapping defeats is not going to stave off the inevitable relegation which lingers menacingly on the horizon.

I know consistency is hard with youngsters, but we’re going to have to find some quickly in the remaining thirteen games of the season - starting at Millwall on Saturday. A draw will not be enough.

Sunderland v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

And then we get on to the farcical situation that is our owner. He apparently has said the club can be transferred for free, as long as the new owner covers all debts: that would reportedly be set at around £110m.

The mags have even started telling mildly amusing jokes about our predicament. You know you’re well and truly stuffed when your bitterest enemies start telling jokes in sympathy to you, rather than p**sing themselves at you. I even retweeted a joke about the 50p coin that was thrown onto the pitch at the Stadium of Light being mistaken for a takeover bid!

Sunderland v Reading - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images,

It’s difficult to know where we go from here, though. With an owner who couldn’t care less, we and the mags have much in common.

The romantic in me would like to see a fan-led takeover in the mould of Barcelona and many German clubs. Bournemouth have completed that transition after many painful years and are doing alright in the Premier League.

They do say that necessity is the mother of invention. And we have no greater need of a stable ownership than now.

We’ve had a few pipe-dream hopefuls of one or two people with cash attempt to put forward a bid, but none have been credible. My idea would be a club in which the masses pay for. Our average attendance is 30,000, in good time we sell out. The official club twitter feed has 830,000 followers and its Facebook page has 1.7m likes.

It’s never easy to gauge how many fans a club can credibly claim, but if we say around a million world-wide. If they all pay an average of £110 per person, that’s the club bought and debts paid off. It may be a little bit simplistic and a little bit back of the envelope, but with a sustained campaign, I would bet our fans would once again, step up and be counted.

Something to think about.

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