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Roker Roundup: ‘JUAN SARTORI: PRESIDENTE!’ Sunderland co-owner gets his leadership bid underway

It’s official - Sunderland co-owner Juan Sartori is officially in the running to become president of Uruguay whilst, elsewhere, our former Sporting Director Lee Congerton is set to keep his job at Celtic.

Juan Sartori (Youtube)

Sartori presented as Presidential candidate

Juan Sartori last night officially announced that he will be running as a National Party candidate for president of Uruguay.

In a packed Metro Theatre in Montevideo, with many of the attendees wearing hats with ‘Juan Sartori - Presidente’ stamped on them, Sartori gave a speech where he outlined his vision for Uruguay and explained why he toured the country in November:

I wanted to see, to probe, to know first hand, to see people in the eye, while sharing a football game, when we ate a barbecue, or simply gathered, to validate with them what is happening in my country.

Little was known in Uruguay of the man who owns 20% of Sunderland, let alone what his policies may be but during his speech, Sartori explained that he does not want a government based on his plan but on the plan of the people:

We need opportunities for all, good jobs for all and stability for all. A safe future for all.

Today our families are concerned about the education of their children and young people. Everyone complains that we are lagging behind, while the world advances in innovation, technology, new jobs and innovative disciplines. The young people no longer find any sense in studying because then they can not get a job. That worries them.

What happens is that I do not want my government to be Sartori’s plan. I want my government to be the plan of the people, to listen to them all, regardless of which side of the path they are on.

The primaries to select the candidates will take place next June, ahead of the general election in October 2019.

Congerton remains with Celtic

Rumours had been rife in Glasgow and on social media that former Sunderland sporting director Lee Congerton had left his role as Celtic’s head of recruitment.

However, according to the Daily Mail, those rumours are unfounded and Congerton will remain in the role that he has filled since March 2017.

Congerton is not particularly popular with Celtic fans and we caught up with John McGinley of the Grand Auld Podcast back in August to ask just what had gone wrong - you can read that interview HERE.

Rovers play strong side in under-23 clash

Sunderland’s opponents on Saturday Bristol Rovers suffered a 4-0 home defeat by Doncaster Rovers at the weekend and ahead of Saturday’s clash at the Stadium of Light, their manager Darrell Clarke opted to name a strong side for the Gas’ Central League Cup game against Walsall under-23s.

Rovers named 10 players in their starting line-up who have played for their first team, including having Gavin Reilly - who had been linked with Sunderland during the summer - and on-loan Watford striker Alex Jakubiak up front.

Playing a strong team worked, as they ran out 4-2 winners with Reilly (2), Jakubiak and Sam Matthews scoring for Bristol Rovers.

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