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FAN LETTERS: “Sir Bob Murray should be consulted before renaming Sunderland’s Stadium of Light!”

Today’s hot topic is the re-naming of the Stadium of Light, with RR reader John insistent that any decision to change it should be put first to Sir Bob Murray. Got your own thoughts on a prospective new name? Email us: - we’ll include your message in a future edition!

Fan Letters
Fan Letters
Danny Roberts | Roker Report

Dear Roker Report,

I’m a supporter of over 40 years and share a season card with my son as I work away from home. I was never a fan of the ‘Stadium of Light’ name when it was revealed, but it was what it was.

We have an opportunity now to rename the stadium AND properly give a nod to our heritage - I’d suggest either the Wearmouth Stadium or the River Wear Stadium, both of which I believe would go down with fans and in keeping with our local traditions.

Doug Raine, A.K.A. The Fulwell Mackem

Ed’s Note [JN]: It would be nice, something we can all resonate with - however, the name may as well stay as it is if a sponsorship is uninvolved (more on that below) as the aim would be to find a marketable name to essentially sell the naming rights for a cost - for example the Manchester City Stadium becoming the Etihad for reportedly £100m per year.


Dear Roker Report,

I think Sir Bob Murray should be consulted before any name change is even considered.

After all, the stadium would not be there if it where not for him.

John Watt

Ed’s Note [JN]: Agreed. It is his legacy, and his opinion must be taken heavily into account. I am personally against re-naming the Stadium of Light, but if the price is right maybe it is a necessary evil.

There are issues, of course, what if the sponsorship name is just plain terrible (see the Sports Direct Arena), or if it changes numerous names? In the case of the latter, Bolton fans still call their now named Macron Stadium the Reebok.

If it must be done, I will only support a deal which is truly financially beneficial to the club, otherwise keep it as the SoL. And it definitely, definitely should be kept until we are successful in a higher league.

A general view of the Stadium of Light
The SoL way back in the day.
Getty Images

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