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Fan Letters: “Kieran Richardson said he’d love to come back to Sunderland - we could do worse!”

During his appearance on the Roker Rapport Podcast this week, out-of-contract Kieran Richardson said he’d love to come back and play for Sunderland - and RR reader George thinks that’s a cracking idea! Email us: - we’ll include your message in a future edition!

Manchester City v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

This may sound trivial but can I ask that you raise the issue of connectivity within the SOL with our owners next time you meet? The service is very poor and your phone is usually rendered useless to check anything before or during the game, or at half time.

This also means you can’t keep an eye on what’s happening elsewhere in the country when there is a break in play, etc. But not only that, you cant even go onto the club’s website or other fan websites to read up on all things Sunderland, or to get the team sheet before the game.

Also - a lot of people have bets on Sunderland and can’t access accounts to check these whilst in the ground. With things like cash out options these days it means you don’t have this option.

This is just a thought for the new owners as I know they have more pressing things to deal with, but it would be a quick win with supporters if they could fix it easily.

Paul Eden

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I have no idea how much it’d cost to have a strong transmitter near the ground or whatever (is that even how things work?), but there are ways around your issue. Simply turn off your 4G when you’re in the ground - I do this and my phone works fine with a 3G signal, and the same goes for all of my mates who sit with me. I presume the reason it’s so difficult to get a strong connection is because so many people are trying to do it at the same time, but switching on to 3G works - honest, just try it. You’ll thank me later.

Getty Images

Dear Roker Report,

Just listened to your Podcast with Kieran Richardson (it was class btw, thanks for all the brilliant Podcasts this season) and had a right laugh at his revelation that the scum had stuck a bid in for him the day after the 2-1 derby.

Cheeky twats... guess that sums that lot up though, thinking they could try and get one back or even just to show that they were still the ‘bigger club’ by throwing a bid at us for a player they had no real intention of buying... tinpot.

It makes me wonder, how tempted were the club to sell him?

I’d also like to add that Kieran came across really well and was more humble than I realised, I always thought he was maybe a bit of a flash harry but it turns out he’s just a proper nice family man.

He said he’d come back if the offer was on the table... being serious, could we do any worse if we decided to sell Oviedo (as many expect will be the case) in January?

George Ritchie

Ed’s Note [Gav]: I really loved watching Kieran play too, but that was a long while ago now. He’s not played for two years and from what he said on the Podcast, he sounds very happy being a family man and running his watch business - I think that ship might have sailed, unfortunately... but I guess you never know!

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