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Watch: Roker Rapport Podcast with former Sunderland owner Bob Murray filmed for Youtube special

We sat down with Sir Bob Murray - the man who was in charge of the club for 22 years, and not only built the Stadium of Light but the Academy of Light - and you can WATCH that chat in full on our Youtube channel now.

What are we talking about this episode?

  • How did Sir Bob come to own Sunderland AFC?
  • Is he still a massive Lads fan?
  • What was his relationship like with former managers including Peter Reid, Denis Smith, Mick McCarthy and Howard Wilkinson?
  • How he feels about Ellis Short;
  • Why he cannot forgive Niall Quinn for two things he did as Chairman of SAFC;

All this and much more. Tune In!

You can also listen to the Podcast for free through your favourite smartphone apps - for links to iTunes, Acast, Spotify and Tunein click the article below. Easy peasy!

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