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Fan Letters: “I’ve had enough of Sunderland, it’ll be South Shields from now on for me!”

Mark Wild has emailed Roker Report to express his anger at the deal the club made with Papy Djilobodji, insisting he’s so irate that he’s off to support South Shields instead. Email us: - we’ll include your message in a future edition!

Fan Letters Danny Roberts | Roker Report

Dear Roker Report,

In the recent discussions about whether to rename the SoL, I have to say one almighty yes. This name has always been an albatross around our necks. We have had scorn poured on us over the years with the usual “Stadium of Sh*te” thrown at us from other clubs.

Everyone out there wanted to vote on the new name when it was built, and the overwhelming favourite from what I can recall was Wearmouth Park. It has a working class ring to it, and I can genuinely see it having the same kind of closeness with the fans as Roker Park had during it’s lifetime.

We have never felt close to the SOL. I honestly believe it is far too much a conservative name for the people up here to ever get behind and endorse. We are NOT Benfica. We ARE Sunderland and proud, and our ground’s name should reflect as such.


Ed’s Note [JN]: I agree this is a strong name, but what is the point in changing the name for purely superficial reasons? If it is to be changed, it has to be for a financial benefit when we are in a stronger position than current - otherwise we are kinda missing the point of re-naming in the first place.

The old “Wembley of the North” plans show a fascinating possible alternate history of the SoL.

Dear Roker Report,

I have read with interest the debate concerning the renaming of the Stadium.

I think there is a way round it that doesn’t really impact. In years gone by, football was played in grounds not stadiums and the majority of the old grounds had names finishing in park and to a lesser extent lane. Our own once referred to the area it was in (Roker) and this again was common place. The Stadium of Light, therefore, could still be used prefixed with the sponsors name for instance The Nissan Stadium of Light. Other new stadia have ended with Stadium and prefixed with sponsors names, so perhaps Sir Bob was being clever at the time?

Gerard Hiscock

Ed’s Note [JN]: It is a good compromise; but it’d have to be entirely agreed on in contractual negotiations with the sponsorship, and to be honest I’d doubt they would like it.

For example Nissan - who I doubt would want to get involved due to the recent Brexit vote and their attention turning elsewhere - would probably want merely “The Nissan Stadium”.

The Welsh FA recently sold off the naming rights of the Millennium Stadium, and initially wanted “The Principality Millennium Stadium”, but were forced to drop Millennium entirely in negotiations.

Some more information on the “Wembley of the North” project.

Dear Roker Report,

Laughing stock again how can we sack a toss pot and end up with a financial agreement with this excuse for a footballer, and then he thanks the god almighty for getting money out of Sunderland. The club wants to grow some balls should of gave this tosser absolutely Jack sh*t everything is going great then this. Modern day footballers are a law to there own, contracts mean nothing treat fans like sh*t. If any working man had done what Dilidbodji has done they would have been sacked on the spot without a penny being paid. This wanker is laughing in Sunderland’s faces the whole football world needs to change and now because again the fans have been pissed on from a very high height. All the governing bodies need to wake up this game is heading into financial ruin I have had enough of greedy players and agents. The games so corrupt just look at Sterling’s penalty referee a disgrace and Sterling’s sportsmanship non existant, sums up the modern day footballers. For me I have had enough South Shields from now for me at least they regonise who the game is for the Fans.

Mark Wild

Ed’s Note [JN]: First of all, this has been left unedited for posterity and comedic purposes. Are you on a wind up? As far as I’m concerned you can go to the non-league Manchester City up the road and not come back. Sod off. Oh, and for your information, the deal involves HIM giving the CLUB money, not the other way around. They have played a blinder here getting rid of him out of court and managing a financial settlement. Excellent work. You, however, f**k off to South Shields and don’t you dare come back. Absolute whopper.

P.S., what the hell has Sterling got to do with anything? 99% of footballers from 1899 to the present date would take that pen. Practically only one ever hasn’t, Robbie Fowler (oh, and he got absolutely berated off his fans at the time).

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