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FAN LETTERS: “Do Newcastle fans look at Sunderland’s owners and feel jealous of what we’ve got?”

RR reader Amy is loving the Stewart Donald era and wonders if Newcastle fans look on with a tinge of jealousy at how genuine the Sunderland owner is. Email us: - we’ll include your message in a future edition!

Roker Report | Danny Roberts

Dear Roker Report,

I just wanted to write and commend you for the fantastic Podcast that you recorded with Stewart Donald this week. I think it was probably Stewart’s best appearance on your show yet and I could listen to him talk forever, he’s such a genuine and honest guy.

I heard him talking on BBC Newcastle last night also and I couldn’t help but think that the Mags listening must be very jealous of the fact we have such amazing owners.

I know I’d be jealous if the roles were reversed.

They hate their current owner and want him out, whilst we’re enjoying the new era and all that comes with it - albeit from a lower league. Not that being in League One bothers us, we’re loving watching our team win games, score goals and play an attractive style of football. When you hear Stewart talking so passionately and being so open to supporters you can’t help but feel admiration for him and I just wonder if that is intensifying the hunger from Newcastle supporters to be rid of Mike Ashley.

Please keep the Podcasts with Stewart coming, you are my go to place for Podcasts and I listen to them all, but its always a nice treat when the owner drops by.

Amy Nixon

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Thanks Amy - I’ve been overwhelmed by the response the show has gotten, it’s great that we get the opportunity to do these things and we’re very grateful that Stewart gives up his time to deliver answers to the questions that supporters have.

I agree - I’ve noticed that our success has coincided with the bitterness from our dear neighbours cranking up a notch and I do have to wonder if its because they see things changing rapidly at our club whilst at their own things aren’t going so well.

Whatever the case may be, I’d love to be meeting them again next season.

Dear Roker Report,

This is Adarsh again, from India.

The past few weeks has been very good in regards to the results that our club have been achieving. And, the seat changes at our Stadium of Light are showing steady progress and are almost completed.

Is there any way for the foreign fans like me to lend a hand at the Stadium of Light with the seat change? Can you please ask the chairman regarding this when he comes for the next Podcast.

Adarsh Dinesh

Ed’s Note [Gav]: Hi Adarsh - always good to hear from you over in India. Unfortunately the seat changes are in their final phase now and should be finished by the time the Lads next play at the Stadium of Light, so unless you have a trip planned to come over to the UK I don’t think its possible.

Just be heartened by the fact so many Sunderland supporters have came together in order to give our home a much-needed face-lift - it’s symbolic of the fact we’re all in this together, and that everyone involved with the club needs to roll up their sleeves and work hard if we are to become successful again.

Sunderland AFC

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