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NEWS: Stewart Donald reveals he received and rejected an offer for Sunderland AFC last week

Sunderland AFC owner Stewart Donald revealed during his appearance on the Roker Rapport Podcast today that he rejected a lucrative offer from an interested party to purchase the club from him last week.

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Sunderland owner Stewart Donald has sensationally revealed on the Roker Rapport Podcast that he received - and rejected - an offer to buy the club from him.

Having refuted a question about a new board member potentially joining the club, Donald admitted that there has been plenty of interest from people wanting to invest - and said that just last week he turned down an offer for Sunderland that would have made him rich:

... I had somebody enquire last week to buy the football club, that was looking at another football club and we just said no.

When our host, Connor Bromley, asked if he would have made ‘a quick buck’ he said:

Yeah, I would have made a lot, made a lot actually.

I got a call from an agent that wanted to put me in touch with somebody.

Sunderland is winning games and I think people know that financially that the word has got out there that it’s outgoings and its incomings is not only sort of if you like back where it should be, but probably pretty good in comparison, and its a Premier League club in the making isn’t it?

You can hear the rest of the conversation - which went on for almost two hours, in which Donald answered absolutely every question we put to him with honesty and brutality - by downloading it for free on iTunes, Acast, Spotify and TuneIn.

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